Interop2004 Document List


Architecture Review Team

Architecture Review


Data Access Layer Working Group

Simple Image Access Protocol specification


Possible SIAP Extensions


Simple Spectral Access Protocol specification (draft)


Simple Spectral Access Data Model (draft)


Simple Spectral Access for ISO Data


Data Models Working Group

Quantity Data Model


Observation Data Model


Space-Time Coordinates and the Observation Data Model


Space-Time Coordinates Specification


Data Model for Mapping


Unified Domain Model (draft)


Web and Grid Services Working Group

Standard Web Services Interfaces


Registry Working Group

Resource Metadata Specification (REC)


VOResource V0.9 XML Schema and its Extensions


VOResource Lessons Learned


Proposed VOResource V0.10 XML Schema and Extensions


Registry Interface Specification (draft)


Registry Harvesting (alternative section 4 for RI Specification above)


IVOA Identifiers V1.1

See Appendix B for a summary of minor changes over v1.0. A call will be made to elevate this version to a Proposed Recommendation at the interop meeting, deprecating PR v1.0.


Theory Interest Group

Theory in the VO


UCD Working Group



VO Query Language Working Group

ADQL V0.7.4 Specification


ADQL V0.7.4 Schema


SkyNode Interface V0.7.4


VOTable Working Group

VOTable V1.1 Specification


VOTable V1.1 Comments


Document Standards and Processes Working Group

IVOA Document Standards (REC)


IVOA Document Standards Management Guidelines and Procedures