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IVOA Note 2004-05-20

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Division of the electromagnetic spectrum

This note describes the division of the electromagnetic spectrum for the UCD needs. We describe here the top level domains, which should be comparable to the division made in the spectral coverage of Resource Metadata description (radio, mm, infrared, optical, UV, X-ray, Gamma-ray). We also indicate the main divisions in each of the top-level domains.

UCD designation Wavelength Frequency Energy Notes
Radio Regime
em.radio.20-100MHz >3m <100MHz   
em.radio.100-200MHz 1.5-3m 100-200MHz   
em.radio.200-400MHz 75-150cm 200-400MHz   
em.radio.400-750MHz 40-75cm 400-750MHz   
em.radio.750-1500MHz 20-40cm 750-1500MHz   21cm line
em.radio.1500-3000MHz10-20cm 1.5-3GHz   
em.radio.3-6GHz 5-10cm 3-6GHz   
em.radio.6-12GHz 2.5-5cm 6-12GHz   
em.radio.12-30GHz 1-2.5cm 12-30GHz   
Millimetric Regime
em.mm.30-50GHz 6-10mm 30-50GHz   
em.mm.50-100GHz 3-6mm 50-100GHz   
em.mm.100-200GHz 1.5-3mm 100-200GHz   CO
em.mm.200-400GHz 750-1500µm 200-400GHz   
em.mm.400-750GHz 400-750µm 400-750GHz   
em.mm.750-1500GHz 200-400µm 750-1500GHz   COBE 240µm
em.mm.1500-3000GHz 100-200µm 1500-3000GHz   COBE 140µm
Infra-Red Regime
em.IR.60-100um 60-100µm 3-5THz   IRAS 100µm
em.IR.30-60um 30-60µm 5-10THz   IRAS 60µm
em.IR.15-30um 15-30µm 10-20THz   IRAS 25µm
em.IR.8-15um 8-15µm 20-37.5THz   N band; IRAS 12µm
em.IR.4-8um 4-8µm 37.5-75THz   M band; Br{alpha} =4051nm
em.IR.3-4um 3-4µm 75-100THz   L, L', L''
em.IR.K 2-3µm 100-150THz   K band
em.IR.H 1.5-2.0µm 150-200THz   H band; Pa{alpha} =1875nm, BrLimit =1731nm
em.IR.J 1.0-1.5µm 200-300THz   J band;
Optical Regime
em.opt.I 750-1000nm 300-400THz 1.2-1.6eV I band; PaLimit =820nm
em.opt.R 600-750nm 400-500THz 1.6-2.0eV R band; H{alpha} =656nm
em.opt.V 500-600nm 500-600THz 2.0-2.4eV V band;
em.opt.B 400-500nm 600-750THz 2.4-3.0eV B band; H{beta} =486nm, H{gamma} =434nm, H{delta} =410nm
em.opt.U 300-400nm 750-1000THz 3.0-4.0eV U band; BaJump =365nm
Ultra-Violet Regime
em.UV.200-300nm 200-300nm 1000-1500THz 4-6eV UV1 band
em.UV.100-200nm 100-200nm 1500-3000THz 6-12eV UV2 band; Ly{alpha} =121.6nm
em.UV.50-100nm 50-100nm 3-6PHz 12-24eV LyLimit =91.2nm
em.UV.10-50nm 10-50nm 6-30PHz 24-120eV  
X-ray Regime
em.X-ray.soft 6-100Å 30-500PHz 0.12-2keV  
em.X-ray.medium 1-6Å 0.5-3EHz 2-12keV  
em.X-ray.hard 0.1-1Å 3-30EHz 12-120keV  
Gamma Regime
em.gamma.soft 0.25-10pm 30-1200EHz 120-500keV  
em.gamma.hard < 250fm > 1200EHz > 500keVe+/e-
Division of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Changes from UCD 1.9.9

This note is based on section 10 of UCD version 1.9.9 document, with the following changes:

Changes from 0.1

Changes from 0.2