Object types

Herbig-Haro object (HH) ISM.Herbig-Haro
Supernova remnant (SNR) ISM.SNRemnant
Supernova remnant candidate ISM.SNRemnant;stat.possible
Generic cloud ISM.cloud
Part of cloud ISM.cloud;stat.partOf
Cloud of unknown nature ISM.cloud;stat.unknown
High-velocity cloud (HVC) ISM.cloud.high-velocity
Molecular cloud ISM.cloud.molecular
Cometary globule ISM.cometaryGlobule
Star in nebula ISM.nebula;stars;stat.member
Nebula of unknown nature ISM.nebula;stat.unknown
Bright nebula ISM.nebula.bright
Dark nebula ISM.nebula.dark
Galactic nebula ISM.nebula.galactic
Reflection nebula ISM.nebula.reflection
Planetary nebula ISM.planetaryNebula
Possible planetary nebula ISM.planetaryNebula;stat.possible
HI shell ISM.shell.HI
HI (neutral) region (HI) ISM.region.HI
HI (ionized) region (HII) ISM.region.HII
Generic galaxy galaxies
HII galaxy galaxies;class.HII
Elliptical or lenticular galaxy galaxies;class.elliptical
Irregular galaxy galaxies;class.irregular
Spiral galaxy galaxies;class.spiral
Radio galaxy galaxies;em.radio
Gravitationally lensed image of a galaxy galaxies;process.gravitation.lensing
Interacting galaxies galaxies;process.interaction
Galaxy with high redshift galaxies;process.redshift;stat.high
Starburst galaxy galaxies;process.starburst
Star cluster in galaxy galaxies;stars.cluster;stat.member
Part of a galaxy galaxies;stat.partOf
Active galactic nucleus (AGN) galaxies.AGN
BL Lac-type object (BLLac) galaxies.AGN;class.BLLac
Seyfert galaxy (Seyfert) galaxies.AGN;class.Seyfert
Seyfert 1 galaxy (Seyfert1) galaxies.AGN;class.Seyfert1
Seyfert 2 galaxy (Seyfert2) galaxies.AGN;class.Seyfert2
Active galactic nucleus candidate galaxies.AGN;stat.possible
Blazar (Blazar) galaxies.AGN.Blazar
LINER-type active galactic nucleus (LINER) galaxies.AGN.LINER
Quasar (QSO) galaxies.QSO
Gravitationally lensed image of a quasar galaxies.QSO;process.gravitation.lensing
Quasar candidate galaxies.QSO;stat.possible
Absorption line system (ALS) galaxies.absLineSystem
Ly alpha absorption line system galaxies.absLineSystem.Ly-alpha
Damped Ly alpha absorption line system galaxies.absLineSystem.Ly-alpha.damped
Metallic absorption line system galaxies.absLineSystem.metal-lines
Lyman limit system (LLS) galaxies.absLineSystem.Ly-limit
Broad absorption line system (BAL) galaxies.absLineSystem.Broad
Active galaxy galaxies.active
Compact group of galaxies galaxies.compactGroup
Cluster of galaxies galaxies.cluster
Galaxy in cluster of galaxies galaxies.cluster;stat.member
Dwarf galaxy galaxies.dwarf
Giant galaxy galaxies.giant
Group of galaxies galaxies.group
Galaxy in group of galaxies galaxies.group;stat.member
Pair of galaxies galaxies.pair
Galaxy in pair of galaxies galaxies.pair;stat.member
Supercluster of galaxies galaxies.superCluster
Generic object in the sky obj
Gravitationally lensed image obj;process.gravitation.lensing
Region defined in the sky obj.region
Multiple, composite object obj;stat.multiple
Object of unknown nature obj;stat.unknown
Void, underdense region of the Universe obj.void
(Micro) lensing event process.gravitation.micro-lensing
Gamma-ray burst (GRB) process.variation;em.gamma
Generic source of radiation (em, gravitational) or of particles source
Far-IR source (lambda >= 30 microns) source;em.FIR
Infrared source (IRS) source;em.IR
Near-IR source (lambda < 10 microns) source;em.NIR
UV-emission source source;em.UV
X-ray source source;em.X-ray
Gamma-ray source source;em.gamma
Radio-source millimetric source;em.mm
Radio-source source;em.radio
Emission object source;process.emission
Gravitational object source;process.gravitation
Blue object source.blue
Extremely red object (ERO) (ERO) source.extremeRed
Maser source source.maser
Star, stars stars
Be star (Be) stars;class.Be
Star with envelope of CH type stars;class.CH
Star with envelope of OH/IR type (OH-IR) stars;class.OH-IR
S star stars;class.S
T Tau-type star (TTau) stars;class.TTau
Wolf-Rayet star (WR) stars;class.Wolf-Rayet
Carbon star stars;class.carbon
Early-type (early spectral type, hot) star stars;class.earlyType
Late-type (late spectral type, cold) star stars;class.lateType
Star of spectral type xx stars;class.xx
Emission-line star stars;em.line
High-velocity star stars;phys.velocity;stat.high
High proper motion star stars;pos.pm;stat.high
Multiple star system stars;stat.multiple
Peculiar star stars;stat.peculiar
Asymptotic Giant Branch star (AGB) stars.AGB
Horizontal Branch star (HB) stars.HB
Young Stellar Object (YSO) stars.YSO
Double (binary) star stars.binary
X-ray binary stars.binary;em.X-ray
Eclipsing binary stars.binary;process.eclipse
Star in double or multiple system stars.binary;stat.member
Eclipsing binary of Algol type (Algol) stars.binary;process.eclipse;class.Algol
Eclipsing binary of beta Lyr type (betaLyr) stars.binary;process.eclipse;class.betaLyr
Eclipsing binary of W UMa type (WUMa) stars.binary;process.eclipse;class.WUMa
Eclipsing binary (2!!) stars.binary.eclipsing
Spectroscopic binary stars.binary.spectroscopic
Low mass X-ray binary (LMXB) stars.binary.low-mass;em.X-ray
High mass X-ray binary (HMXB) stars.binary.high-mass;em.X-ray
Black hole (BH) stars.blackHole
Black hole candidate stars.blackHole;stat.possible
Brown dwarf (low-mass) stars.brownDwarf
Circumstellar matter (CSM) stars.circumstellar
Cluster of stars stars.cluster
Star in cluster of stars stars.cluster;stat.member
Association of stars stars.cluster.association
Star in association of stars stars.cluster.association;stat.member
Globular cluster stars.cluster.globular
Possible globular cluster stars.cluster.globular;stat.possible
Open (galactic) cluster (OCl) stars.cluster.open
Neutron star stars.neutron
Central star of planetary nebula (CSPN) stars.planetaryNebula
Star showing eclipses by its planet stars.planetarySystem;process.eclipse
Sub-stellar object stars.planetarySystem;stat.member
Extra-solar planet stars.planetarySystem.planet
Extra-solar planet candidate stars.planetrySystem.planet;stat.possible
Post-AGB star stars.post-AGB
Pre-main sequence star (PMS) stars.preMS
Pulsar stars.pulsar
Supernova (the object) (SN) stars.superNova
Supernova of type xx(I, II, Ia, etc) (SNxx) stars.superNova;class.xx
Supernova (the explosion of a star) stars.superNova;process.explosion
Symbiotic star stars.symbiotic
Variable star stars.variable
Variable star of BY Dra type (BYDra) stars.variable;class.BYDra
Variable star of FU Ori type (FUOri) stars.variable;class.FUOri
Variable star of Mira Cet type (Mira) stars.variable;class.MiraCet
Variable star of Orion type stars.variable;class.Orion
Variable star of R CrB type (RCrB) stars.variable;class.RCrB
Variable star of RR Lyr type (RRLyr) stars.variable;class.RRLyr
Variable star of RS CVn type (RSCVn) stars.variable;class.RSCVn
Variable star of RV Tau type (RVTau) stars.variable;class.RVTau
Variable star of W Vir type (WVir) stars.variable;class.WVir
Variable star of alpha2 CVn type stars.variable;class.alf2CVn
Variable star of beta Cep type (betaCep) stars.variable;class.betaCep
Variable star of delta Sct type stars.variable;class.deltaSct
Variable star of gamma Dor type (gammaDor) stars.variable;class.gammaDor
Eruptive variable star stars.variable;process.eruption
Pulsating variable star stars.variable;process.pulsation
Rotationally variable star stars.variable;process.rotation
Ellipsoidal variable star stars.variable;process.rotation.ellipsoidal
Flare star stars.variable;process.variation.flare
Semi-regular pulsating star stars.variable;process.variation.quasi-periodic
Star suspected of variability stars.variable;stat.possible
Cataclysmic variable star (CV) stars.variable.cataclysmic
Cataclysmic var. DQ Her type (DQHer) star.variable.cataclysmic;class.DQHer
Catalcysmic var. of AM Her type (AMHer) star.variable.cataclysmic;class.AMHer
Cepheid variable star stars.variable.cepheid
Classical Cepheid (delta Cep type) (deltaCep) stars.variable.cepheid;class.deltaCep
Dwarf nova stars.variable.dwarfNova
Variable star of irregular type stars.variable.irregular
Nova (nova) stars.variable.nova
Nova-like star star.variable.nova-like
White dwarf (WD) stars.whiteDwarf
Pulsating white dwarf stars.whiteDwarf;process.pulsation