Astrophysical phenomenon, process or feature

Extinction or absorption phys.absorption
Acceleration phys.acceleration
Atomic/molecular excitation phys.atmol.excitation
Ionization, jump from bound to unbound energy state phys.atmol.ionization
Transition between states phys.atmol.transition
Molecular dissociation phys.mol.dissociation
Polarization phys.polarization
Astrophysical phenomenon, process or feature process
Generic absorption of wave or particle process.absorption
Acceleration (particles, etc.) process.acceleration
Mass accretion process.accretion
Gravitational collapse process.collapse
Conduction process.conduction
Convection process.convection
Diffusion process.diffusion
Circum-object disk with thickness H < R and R_in < R_out process.disk
Eclipse of two physically related objects process.eclipse
Generic emission of wave or particle process.emission
Sudden brightening, outburst process.eruption
Explosion process.explosion
Excitation, jump in a higher energy (bound) state process.excitation
Gravitational lensing process.gravitation.lensing
Non-resolved gravitational lensing process.gravitation.micro-lensing
Gravitational wave process.gravitation.wave
Generic instability process.instability
Generic interaction between two or more distinct objects process.interaction
Maser (as a process) process.maser
Mass loss process.mass-loss
Ejection, loss of a distinct body of mass process.mass-loss.ejection
Mass-loss through a collimated jet process.mass-loss.jet
mass-loss through a poorly collimated wind Process.mass-loss.wind
Merging of two or more distinct objects process.merging
Nuclear reactions, nucleosynthesis process.nucleosynthesis
Occultation of two physically unrelated objects process.occultation
Pulsation process.pulsation
Non-radial pulsation process.pulsation.non-radial
Radial pulsation process.pulsation.radial
Radiation mechanisms: non-thermal process.radiation.non-thermal
Radiation mechanisms:thermal process.radiation.thermal
Redshift process.redshift
Circum-object ring with thickness H < R and R_in ~ R_out process.ring
Recombination, from unbound to bound energy state process.recombination
Rotation process.rotation
Scattering process.scattering
Shock front/wave(HD, MHD, Ionization, etc.) process.shock
Distinct physical region on an object with different properties
Starburst process.starburst
Change in some property with time process.variation
Generic sudden change with time process.variation.burst
Cyclic, periodic change process.variation.cyclic
Rapid change with time followed by a return to normalcy process.variation.flare
Sudden change of frequency process.variation.glitch
Very luminous state of variable object, high state process.variation.high-state
Quiescent or low luminsous state of variable object process.variation.low-state
Semi-regular or quasi-periodic variation process.variation.quasi-periodic
Temporary, non-periodic change process.variation.transient