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Radio Astronomy Interest Group ( Jointly organised with Data Model Working Group)

Seventh Virtual Running Meeting 2024, April 5th via zoom

12:00 PM UTC to 1:30 PM UTC

Telecon Agenda:

1 ) Jive implementation progress (Mark K): 10'

2 ) CDS proto demo (François B) : 10'

3 ) controversy points 40 ' (FB+MK)

- explicit f_min and f_max in exetnsion or user defined functions ?

- instrumental and observation modes details

- time details

- standardID and registry

4 ) informations (FB+MK) :

- meeting propose for Pulsar/FRB end of April beginning of May

- Implementation review note : listing the details to be added/modified bef :ore interop

- call for presentations at the Sydney interop 5tuesday 21st of May, 6AM UTC / 4PM local sydney time)

Discussion Minutes

notes: saved notes

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ObsCoreRadioExtensionCDSProtoDemo.pdf" attr="" comment="CDS proto demonstration" date="1712676310" name="ObsCoreRadioExtensionCDSProtoDemo.pdf" path="ObsCoreRadioExtensionCDSProtoDemo.pdf" size="2627339" user="FrancoisBonnarel" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ObsRadioPrototype.pdf" attr="" comment="JIVE implementation" date="1712676442" name="ObsRadioPrototype.pdf" path="ObsRadioPrototype.pdf" size="407264" user="FrancoisBonnarel" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="_Radio_IG_7th_Running_meeting.txt" attr="" comment="Notes" date="1712685521" name="_Radio_IG_7th_Running_meeting.txt" path="_Radio_IG_7th_Running_meeting.txt" size="5138" user="FrancoisBonnarel" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="_Radio_IG_7th_Running_meeting.txt" attr="" comment="Notes" date="1712910905" name="_Radio_IG_7th_Running_meeting.txt" path="_Radio_IG_7th_Running_meeting.txt" size="5138" user="FrancoisBonnarel" version="2"
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