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DM work package : Space Time Coordinates



  • plan to develop a class library to be able to re-use the STC classes

Results and Feedback

Please watch for updates to the STC Metadata RFC page STCMetadataRFC1dot21
Version 1.30 updated available at http://hea-www.cfa.harvard.edu/~arots/nvometa/v1.30

* stcimp.txt: Note on STC Implementation Status

STC serialisation

Xml schema

  • STC XML schema version 1.30
  • see documentation on Cfa pages

XML instance documents following the schema

are part of the STC REC document.


  • within implementations of Characterisation DM
  • SDSS Footprint service
  • VO Event ??.

More documentation


Interactions with other efforts

META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" comment="STC presentation at DM session of IVOA May 2004" date="1085759241" moveby="MireilleLouys" movedto="IVOA.STC" movedwhen="1213179764" movefrom="IVOA.IvoaDataModel" name="STC2004-05.pdf" path="STC2004-05.pdf" size="423785" user="ArnoldRots" version="1.1"
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