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Web & Grid Services Tutorial at ADASS XIII.

Contributors : Tamás Budavári, Wil O'Mullane, Matthew Graham, Maria A. Nieto-Santisteban, Guy Rixon, André Schaaff


  1. Introduction - Andre - 4 minutes (pdf)
  2. Consuming Web Services in C# and Java - Tamás - 9+2 (doc, html) and André - 5 (pdf)
  3. VO Statistics Service - Matthew - 9+2 (doc)
  4. NVO Registry Service Client - Wil - 9+2 (html)
  5. How to Build C# and Java Clients for the SDSS Image Cutout - Maria - 9+2 (doc)
  6. Grids Services, Globus - Guy -9+2
  7. Inside the server - André -6 (pdf)
  8. Questions and Conclusion - all - 4

Reference links

.Net Framework SDK

Doing the tutorial at ADASS

Most of the information you need for the tutorial will be available here before ADASS. Many of the examples use Apache AXIS. If you are intereested in trying to do get these working during the tutorial on you lap top you should install AXIS.
To actually get AXIS running you will need to set up your environment after you unzip it. You may create a script to do this. Here is the environment you need for simple AXIS client building (it's for DOS - you can convert for UNIX easily right ;):
set ALIB=C:\java\axis-1_1RC2\lib\

set CLASSPATH=.;c:\java;%ALIB%\axis-ant.jar;%ALIB%\axis.jar;%ALIB%\commons-discovery.jar;%ALIB%\commons-logging.jar;%ALIB%\saaj.jar;%ALIB%\axis.jar;%ALIB%\jaxrpc.jar;%ALIB%\wsdl4j.jar;%ALIB%\log4j-1.2.4.jar;
Notice this includes c:\java - it's a good idea to include some directory in the classpath which you will generate WebService stubs into.

Many of the examples will be in C# using .NET. If you want to try them download and install the .NET Framework SDK software.

Doing the grid-services bit

Grid services are more complicated than web services (they do more complicated things) and need more infrastructure to build and run than is described above. A transcript of the tutorial and materials for doing the grid-service tutorial on your own machine are available, including components for a sample service and its clients plus a list of supporting software that you would need to install.


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META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" comment="" date="1065776461" name="Introduction.pdf" path="C:\Projets\VOTutorial\Introduction.pdf" size="206817" user="AndreSchaaff" version="1.4"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="h" comment="WS Tutorial Introduction" date="1065773211" name="Introduction.pdf.pdf" path="C:\Projets\VOTutorial\Introduction.pdf.pdf" size="146249" user="AndreSchaaff" version="1.1"
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META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" comment="" date="1076011595" name="SpectrumClientTutorial-v1.0.1.doc" path="C:\My Downloads\SpectrumClientTutorial-v1.0.1.doc" size="202240" user="WilliamOMullane" version="1.1"
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