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Summary page for VEP dedicated to UCD updates

Note: VEPsFor UCD are proposed as an extension of Vocabulary Extension Proposals, with a restricted usage to UCD terms and their syntax rules

The next VEP will have the running number 006. Please update this after uploading a new VEP.
The next VEP will have the running number 11. Please update this after uploading a new VEP.

Vocabulary Enhancement Requests (VEPs) : how it works in general

See Vocabularies in the VO version 2 for how to write VEPs and how they are processed.

List of proposed VEP-UCDs

VEP-UCD-001: adding statistics features in the UCDList specification statistics terms for addition. // context=Solar Data

VEP-UCD-003: adding MOC and geometric projection concept in UCD: MOC and Projection. //context=!EPN-TAP

VEP-UCD-004: adding period of Oscillation Period of Oscillation. //context=exo-planets

Terms in discussion

UCD Term VEP (name and link) RFM Page (discussion) Decision
stat.skewness VEP-UCD-001 UCDList_1-5_RFM proposed
stat.kurtosis VEP-UCD-001 UCDList_1-5_RFM proposed
stat.mad VEP-UCD-001 UCDList_1-5_RFM proposed
phys.rotMeasure VEP-UCD-002 UCDList_1-5_RFM rejected
pos.moc VEP-UCD-003 UCDList_1-5_RFM pending
pos.projection VEP-UCD-003 UCDList_1-5_RFM pending
time.period.oscillation VEP-UCD-004 UCDList_1-5_RFM pending
stat.histogram VEP-UCD-005 UCDList_1-5_RFM pending
meta.ref.pid VEP-UCD-006 UCDList_1-5_RFM proposed
spect.line.intIntensity VEP-UCD-007 UCDList_1-5_RFM rejected
meta.ref.epic VEP-UCD-008 UCDList_1-5_RFM proposed
meta.ref.orcid VEP-UCD-008 UCDList_1-5_RFM proposed
meta.ref.rorid VEP-UCD-008 UCDList_1-5_RFM proposed
stat.percentile VEP-UCD-009 UCDList_1-5_RFM proposed
meta.curation VEP-UCD-010 UCDList_1-5_RFM proposed

Accepted terms

Abandoned terms

VEP-UCD-002: adding physical rotational measure for Pulsar data (namely) Rotation Measure

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="FITSkeywordvsUCD.pdf" attr="" comment="SOLARNET FITSKeywords mapping to UCDs- V Delouille" date="1620064021" name="FITSkeywordvsUCD.pdf" path="FITSkeywordvsUCD.pdf" size="135060" user="MireilleLouys" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="VEP-UCD001.txt" attr="" comment="VEP-UCD001 for additional stat properties/ to be deleted" date="1620064582" name="VEP-UCD001.txt" path="VEP-UCD001.txt" size="1160" user="MireilleLouys" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="UCD-VEP-template.txt" attr="" comment="UCD-VEP template file" date="1624464583" name="UCD-VEP-template.txt" path="UCD-VEP-template.txt" size="1334" user="MireilleLouys" version="1"
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