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Test use case following AstroGrid format with some small changes.

Use case: interpreting structure of X-Ray clusters


A user has obtained and analysed a detailed X-Ray image of a galaxy cluster (see for example Schuecker et al, 2004) showing small scale sub-structure. To investigate whether the interpretation in terms of turbulence is realistic a similar analysis on simulated images is desired. This requires availability of hydro simulations of galaxy clusters with the appropriate physics included and services that can create mock images from this simulation.

primary actor

X-Ray astronomer

End result:

Mock images are obtained from simulated galaxy cluster ready for comparison to real X-Ray observations.

Other actors:



Flow of events

  1. User browses registry for appropriate virtual telescope service based on simulation and service meta-data
  2. Selects service and provides input
  3. Service executes and provides (links to) results


  1. Mock images provided in standardized format, for example FITS

Basic assumptions

Alternative flows

Key references

  1. Probing turbulence in the Coma Galaxy cluster (ADS, astro-ph)
    Schuecker P. et al, 2004
    Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.426, p.387-397

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-- GerardLemson - 20 Sep 2005

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