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VOResource V0.8.3: an Overview of a Resource Data Model

Ray Plante (NCSA/UIUC)
5 October 2003


This VOResource schema defines the IVOA Resource Metadata in XML. The core metadata, which applies to all resources, is defined in VOResource-vxxx.xsd. Specialized resource classes, such as Organization and DataCollection, are defined in extension schemas. This overview describes version 0.8.3, listing the changes from v0.8.2 and describing the overall structure of the schemas.


1. Files to Review
2. Overview of Changes
3. Data Model Structure
4. Current Issues

1. Files to Review

This new version of the Resource data model is split between a core schema, VOResource, and several extension schemas, defined in separate schemas. The schemas are:

requires VOResourceRelType.xsd and VOResourceRelType-v0.2.xsd
core resource metadata, including generic services XMLSpy    xs3p
VOCommunity-v0.2.xsd extensions for describing organisations and projects XMLSpy    xs3p
VODataService-v0.3.xsd extensions for describing data collections and sky services XMLSpy    xs3p
VORegistry-v0.2.xsd extensions for describing registries and naming authorities XMLSpy    xs3p

The following two extensions are examples of extensions that define two standard sky services. These are included for indicative purposes only.

ConeSearch-v0.1.xsd The Cone Search Service XMLSpy    xs3p
SIA-v0.5.xsd The Simple Image Access Protocol Service XMLSpy    xs3p

An example describing several resources, including an Organisation, two Authoritys, a DataCollection, and three Services, associated with the NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library (ADIL):

2. Overview of Changes

VOResource: VOCommunity VODataService

3. Data Model Structure

Follow the element name links for detailed documentation on that element.

The Generic Resource





4. Current Issues

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