Day 1
1 RM v1.1

Bob Hanisch

1.1 organi/s/z/ation

changed from z to s!

1.2 quality

need extra info to enable people to fill them in

1.3 creator vs contributor

contributor is someone who might add extra info to content

eg creator is author list, contributor might issue second edition

1.4 description

should be what the resource is about

1.5 facility
1.6 coverage.spatial

will use STC (imported from schema)

1.6.1 footprint

discussion on prev P.Ortiz proposal

?in resource, link to footprint service for resource

will defer to later meeting

1.7 coverage.regionofregard

being used by skynode portals: this is why not deleted

characterises positional uncertainty, but we have uncertainty.spatial!

need to define distinction betw, regionofregard, resolution & uncertainty

1.8 resourcevalidationlevel

assigned by registry operator (clarified later in comment)

L0: add comment that registries should not serve up non-compliant data

L2, eg ping SIAP with appropriate call

L3: includes local criteria set by the registry

registries should publish these criteria in human readable form

issues of reliability: do we need separate indicator: already have dataquality field (but this set by provider)

1.9 service.standard/uri/url/

uri: standard that defines the service

what if service satisfies two standards: either make this multiple or post multiple entries

decided to stick with just single field

will revisit after more use

2 VOResource V1.0

Ray Plante

2.1 changes


but need to be tested, esp class generators

2.1.1 dates UTC


2.2 issues
2.2.1 registry-modifiable record validationlevel
2.2.2 versioning

understand impact

registry needs to support multiple versions?

2.2.3 extensions

specific types of resource

2.2.4 VODataService

Resource types: DataCollection, SkyService, TabularSkyService

Interface types: ParamHTTPGet, WebService

... issues
2.3 Roadmap
2.3.1 VOResource
2.3.2 VODataService
2.3.3 Registry Interface
2.3.4 upgrade all registries
3 Applications

Kevin Benson, Paul Harrison

3.1 types of applications

could we get App group to define standard sets

do we need standards?

3.2 structure of model

abstracting out application metadata like language, platform

DM tiger team to address

3.3 UWS


3.3.1 refactor of CEA