Provenance Telecon October 2016


  • Modelio model
  • Use cases
  • Previous efforts
  • Provenance access and VO-Table serialization
  • ActivityCollection
  • Prov-N serialisations wih descriptions, status, group (Michele's email)
  • Meeting at next InterOp
  • Mireille
  • François
  • Kristin
  • Markus
  • Michèle
  • Mathieu

  • DM name: ObsProv, ProvenanceDM, VOProvDM...
    • need "VO"? short or long name?
    • when outside of IVOA, add IVOA before the name and explain
    • VO is generally not use in standard names (except VOTable)
    • use "ProvenanceDM", more explicit
  • VO architecture
  • Modelio model
    • see zip file in /datamodel-diagrams
    • see png files in /description:
    • green boxes are from DatasetDM
    • all attributes in green boxes correspond to Descripton attributes, they could also be simply listed in the main class (Entity, Activity, Agent) if we consider the core model
    • entityID/datasetID
      • same thing?
      • add in the text : entityID is defined in the context of obs or is mapped to datasetID
    • diagrams to include in the document:
      • core,
      • relations to VO DM,
      • options (descriptions, collections),
      • relation W3C (only in text, not a diagram)
    • services would have to implement the core classes/relations, not the W3C options
    • link Entity-Dataset should be an inheritance, but then Dataset is modified with respect to the DatasetDM... Composition or Inheritance? to be discussed at IVOA meeting
  • Use cases and implementation
    • 3 use cases described: RAVE, CTA, POLLUX
    • to be added: HiPS, lightcurves
    • add examples of developments (links to prototypes)
    • "use case": in fact it describes contexts where provenance can be applied, or requirements of involved projects, but use cases are already listed in the top sections
  • Participation+Talk at ADASS
    • Kristin:
      • 12min + 3min
      • introduction as in the last interop, relation with VO DM, list of related projects that require provenance
      • 4 pages proc, 1 or 2 diagrams, link to other documents (ADASS proceedings last year)
    • Mireille, invited talk on DM
    • Mathieu: poster on CTA DM, including the core concept of Provenance and links to the above talks
  • Access, VO-Table serialization as proposed by Francois in the working draft
    • replace PARAM by FIELD, and add values in a data section
    • one table per activity with relations as PARAM/FIELD
      • ok to go backward
      • difficult to search the relations
    • other structure possible, as in XML/JSON PROV serialization:
      • tables for activity/entity/agent
      • tables for relations
  • Serialization
    • hierarchy of attributes from ActivityDescription or flat list?
    • flat list: loses the structure
    • however the structure is known and the attributes can be mapped back to the database
  • Actions:
    • Mireille, Kristin --> prepare talks
    • Mireille: update VO architecture diagram
    • Mathieu: update use cases with implementation descriptions and links
    • Mathieu: send ADASS poster on CTA DM
    • François: propose another VOTable serialization
    • Update involved projects (use case and implementation section)
    • at IVOA:
      • status talk, HiPs talk, CTA talk, semantics
      • meeting Friday 21 at lunch time
  • To be discussed later:

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