VOTable 1.4 Working Draft Notes

Active Proposed Changes

The current working draft is WD-VOTable-1.4.20190318

This is the list of proposed changes still under discussion for VOTable 1.4. The "Default Disposition" is what we will do with the proposal if there is no more discussion.

Title Source Default Disposition Disp. Date

Maybe it's worth a note near where you discuss schemaLocation in section 3 advising to use the version-specific URL for schemaLocation attributes for that reason?

  Discuss at IVOA meeting 2019-05-02

One other tiny doc bug I noticed today; the schema has
      <xs:attribute name="timescale" use="required" type="xs:token">
            This is the time scale used.  Values SHOULD be
            taken from the IVOA timescale ( [[http://ivoa.net/rdf/timescale][http://ivoa.net/rdf/timescale]]).
I think "IVOA timescale" should read "IVOA timescale vocabulary"
(matching the wording for refposition).

  Include in next 1.4 draft 2019-05-02

Proposals for VOTable 1.5

Work will begin on VOTable 1.5 immediately after 1.4 goes to Recommendation.

Title Source Notes Updated
Port the VOTable source to ivoatex. email    
DataLink recommends using a "content" parameter. Consider mentioning it in sec. 8 (MIME types) to avoid other standards reinventing the same thing with a different name. email Defer to 1.5. There are no responses yet. If consensus is reached that this is a simple change, then it could be in 1.4. 2019-03-17
Add optional "origin" or "refposition" attribute to COOSYS email Defer to 1.5. This change has support, but the details are not yet resolved, so may delay 1.4. 2019-03-17
Remove mention of UType in section 1.4, as it is lacking a standard. email Defer to 1.5. 2019-03-17
Sec. 4.6: Remove paragraph "In order to avoid name collisions..." email Defer to 1.5. 2019-03-17

Change Logs for WD-VOTable-1.4

Description Source volute Revision(s)

Between WD-VOTable-1.4.20190318 and WD-VOTable-1.4.20190403

Deliver the document for publishing properly so that images show up the html version. N/A N/A

Sec 7.1

  • Change the RESOURCE element diagram to clarify the necessary position(s) of INFO children.
  • Include a comment that in case of any discrepancies between the schema and the diagram, the schema is definitive.

Also added page break prior to section 1.4 so that architecture figure shows up somewhere near the relevant text.

email 5378

Sec 5:

 <INFO name="HISTORY">
The very first Virtual Telescope observation made in 2002
This is not legal - the value attribute
(optional at VOTable 1.0 but mandatory since VOTable 1.1)
is missing. It should read:
value="The very first Virtual Telescope observation made in 2002"/>
Also, the INFO needs to be moved to the top of the RESOURCE as required by the VOTable schema.
email 5377
Sec 3:
 "documents may include schemaLocation attribute" 
-> "documents may include the schemaLocation attribute"
(or "a" or "some" ...)
Sec 3.5:
"A \elem{TIMESYS} element referenced via a ref attribute MUST..."
-> "A \elem{TIMESYS} element referenced via a \attr{ref} attribute MUST..."?
Sec 4.1, item concerning the ref attribute:
"(reference to the GROUP attribute which specifies the coordinate frame)"
-> "(reference to the COOSYS attribute which specifies the coordinate frame)"
email 5367
Remove (somewhat crudely) STC from figure 1, the architecture diagram. email 5368

Between WD-VOTable-1.4.20190218 and WD-VOTable-1.4.20190318

Miscellaneous cleanup edits. email 5337
Remove unused namespace declarations from examples. email 5336

Make footnotes visible in HTML (already correct in PDF).

Addressed by displaying those as hyperlinks in HTML version.

email 5335
Require "ref" for uses of TIMESYS email 5334

Between WD-VOTable-1.4.20190131 and WD-VOTable-1.4.20190218

Section 3.5: reword the sentence:

The TIMESYS element defines such a time system and gives itself the identifies itself with ID="time frame".


In the example, the TIMESYS element describes that time system. The TIMESYS ID value just needs to be unique within the document so that it can be referenced by FIELDs or PARAMs.

In the section 3.5 TIMESYS example, remove the ID values from the FIELDs since they are not used.   5317

Section 3 reworked to clarify namespace and schema versioning.


5319, 5315

Replace the claimed REC status of the document with the appropriate Working Draft disclaimer from the Document Standards appendix.   5318
In sections 4.3 and 4.4, add references to DALI and VOUnits respectively since those standards came about since the writing of VOTable 1.3. Also mention those resources in section 1.4.   5320


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