IVOA Roadmap for 2014B

This outlines the roadmap for development activities by the various IVOA working and interest groups in 2014 between the Banff and Sesto Interops.


3 VOTable actions :

  • Unicode issue : Get a consensus (mailing list should be appropriate)
  • VODML serialization : Collaborate with DM WG to propose a VOTable schema update to support VODML serialization based on new XML tags (proposal 4).
  • Coordinate specifications : Clean the current bad situation by an announcement on the mailing list of the proposal 2+4 : un-deprecate COOSYS + Introduce VODML when it will be ready(deprecate STC note))

Data Access Layer


TCG review period finished. Last PR version in completion (2015/02/05). Almost ready for recommendation.


A lot of usefull comments during TCG review. Current work on document, interface implementation and validation (2015/02/05)


New draft taking into account Calgary/Banff compromise in progress (2015/02)


Draft for TAP1.0 errata available since December 2014

TAP1.1 draft in progress (2015/02)


Draft for ADQL2.0 errata available since December 2014

ADQL2.1 draft in progress (2015/02)

Data Model

Spectral DM 2.0

RFC period finished. General consensus for approval (Applications pending) of the document but better level of implementation pending to send document

to Exec for formal approval. Maybe, Applications group could help on this (?)

Cubes DM

This effort includes two documents: Dataset DM and Cube DM. Full information, links to the documents, and history are provided in the ImageDM page.

The documents are stable. Waiting for implementations to start formal RFC.


Stable version. RFC could start if the implementations are considered complete

Grid and Web Sevices


A new release of the UWS 1.1 working daft will be provided soon. At least two implementations of this release are starting. For UWS 1.1 a reasonable aim is to convert the document into a PR and to start the RFC around April 2015.


We are continuing the discussions by mail to find a consensus. The aim is to provide at least a new WD of the version 2.1 before the Sesto interop. We start also the writing of a document to help people to build a VOSpace. The work around VOSpace 3.0 is also going on, in parallel with the update to the version 2.1

SSO and authentication

We start a new WD of the SSO document to take into account the evolutions (e.g. ). A note around Authorization (to clear its use in the IVOA) is also due for the Sesto interop.



We'll provide a 1.0 version for Exec approval in November. No major issues turned up.


We plan to issue an essentially minor (but major for technical reasons) update of the Identifiers recommendation; it will remove the obsolte XML form of identifiers and add text on the recommended forms for standard and dataset identifiers, together with a thorough treatment on the whys and hows. ETA is November.

Registry Interface and RegTAP

With RegTAP becoming REC, the Registry Interfaces document will need revision. There is a working draft on volute that retains the standard OAI protocol for harvesting from publishing registries, but it will remove the search capabilities and instead refer to standards like RegTAP and a planned keyword search interface.

We'll migrate this to ivoatex and provide an internal working draft by December.

Keyword Search

The Paris group continues to develop their prototype for a keyword-based search interface to the Registry. We will work towards making an internal working draft laying out the interface.


While the actual authoring a registry extension for VOEvents, VOEventRegExt, is in the hands of GWS, RWG will continue to work closely with the authors.

Registry Metadata for Footprints

The RWG will continue to have discussions and evolve the current standards infrastructure in support of metadata for footprint descriptions, i.e. spatial regions of coverage. The advancement in the MOC standards definition will be evaluated in the context of footprint representation for support of applications in development of data discovery.

What we would eventually like to see is a facility for all-VO searches over footprints and other STC coverages within the Registry.

Alternative Identifier Schemes

For reasons lying in their design, IVORNs are not ideal for use in data citations. It would, however, be very desirable if with registration came citeability. We will therefore investigate ways in which registered services could be assigned DOIs in some controlled fashion. Parallel to this, we need to investigate ways in which alternative identifier schemes can be integrated into the Registry to allow managing the mapping between IVORNs and non-IVRON aliases.

Registry Operations and Curation

The RWG also keeps monitoring the health of the registry system as a whole, working with the operators of the publishing registries to resolve problems as they crop up; as resources permit, we also advise data providers on improving their registry records.

And of course, the RWG is the framework in which the various operators of, in particular, searchable registries provide their services.

-- MarkusDemleitner - 2014-06-26


The Planetary and Solar science communities proposed, together with the IVOA Semantics Working group, to extend the thesaurus of UCD strings.

A list of new UCD terms has been discussed in the WG ( see WD at http://wiki.ivoa.net/internal/IVOA/PlanetaryUCD/WD-UCDlist-1.24-20140901.pdf ) .

Tests are going on to validate the proposed kewwords.

The CDS UCD assignating tool will be updated to support tagging of planetary data and solar data .

Data for planetary and solar observations will be gathered in order to form an extensive test bench.

Due to delays in the extension mechanism and tests, we have shifted the previous schedule to:

  • Draft to be updated for 1st April 2015
  • Tests feb -march 2015
  • Proposed rec planned for 1 June 2015 (?) and disccused at June Interop meeting.

Data Curation & Preservation

Knowledge Discovery in Databases


The main goal of the Theory I.G. is to finalized SimDAL

A meeting has been organized in Paris in december 2014 with the participation of D. Languignon, H. Wozniak, C.-R. Para, M. Molinaro, M. Sanguillon, B. Debray, B. Godard, F. Le Petit. This meeting (in replacement of Banff Theory sessions) allowed to precise some technical points. At this meeting, a draft of SimDAL written by D. Languignon and F. Le Petit has been presented and discussed.

Several milestones have been identified.

The plans for the coming months are :

  • Discussion with DAL to avoid overlaps between Access Data and SimDAL [done]
  • Take into account comments in the document
  • Present a W.D. at the next InterOp.


Time Domain

The SimpleTimeSeries Endorsed Note will be put to the RFC period following the Banff meeting. The VOEventRegExt document will be revised based on comments in the session and a new draft put out to the IG once all comments and concerns by the Registry group have been addressed. Similarly, the VOEvent Transport Protocol will be recirculated for final comments before being put up for RFC. The intent is that all three documents will be in RFC or ready for approval by the Sesto meeting.

Members of TDIG will attend the Hotwired IV meeting in Santa Barbara next May and will report back to the IVOA in Sesto.

Standard and Processes

Science Priorities

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