IVOA Roadmap for 2018A

This outlines the roadmap for development activities by the various IVOA working and interest groups in 2018 between the Victoria and College Park Interops.

Applications WG


  • Engage with Astropy community
  • Possible Astroquery VO module
VOTable Standards

  • Work towards VODML-Mapping consesnsus.
  • Determine if there are other driving factors for a new VOTable version.

  • Encourage application support for client authentication, working with Grid and Web Services WG to outline the scope and details.

  • Continue to encourage HiPS providers to declare their services in the VO registry according to the HiPS Standard (section 5.3).

Data Access Layer WG

(roadmap updated after 2018.07.05 TCG TConf)

  • Expected progress by Fall 2018 Interop (College Park)
    • TAP-1.1: new PR with RFC extension, waiting UWSRegExt Note to be published
    • ADQL-2.1: pending 1 missing implementation, new PR and RFC
    • SLAP-2.0: missing SSLDM revision (source retrieval issues), otherwise near to PR
    • DALI-1.2: gathering input at DALI-1.1-Next
    • Time Series discovery and access Note to cover TDIG DAL roadmap
  • Additional efforts to follow through and beyond next Interop
    • ObsLocTAP & ObsVisSAP (were OLAP & OVAP) Observation Locator and Object Visibility protocols: WDs
    • ProvTAP & ProvSAP Provenance access protocols: WDs
    • SIA-2.1 consolidate feedback, possible revision start
    • DataLink-1.1 consolidate feedback, possible revision start
      • SIA & DataLink feedback will be gathered in a Note (by end of Summer)
  • Still on the roadmap, but waiting for more feedback
    • SODA

Data Model WG

Fairly packed roadmap as we try to close up current projects and start up the next phase.

Current model efforts:

  • VO-DML
    • REC approved in Victoria
      • upload final REC version of documents ( July 2018 )
      • upload new registry records for document and IVOA data model ( July 2018 )
  • "STC" component models (coords, meas, trans)
    • document current versions of models; most content to be extracted from last model drop by Arnold ( July 2018 )
    • fold in 'missing' elements identified in Victoria
      • coords - SpaceReferenceFrame to enumeration to vocabulary to better support SSIG domain ( Aug 2018 )
      • trans - restore transform operations needed by LSST, implemented by AST library ( Aug 2018 )
      • coords/meas - restore basic Velocity ( Aug 2018 ); discuss/add 'ProperMotion', 'RadialVelocity', 'UpperLimit' ( Aug+ 2018 )
    • with concensus on model content, move to PR/RFC process ( Sep 2018 )
  • Dataset Metadata
    • no contention, ready to move forward when measurement model dependency is satisfied. ( Sep 2018 )
  • NDCube
    • no open issues, ready to move forward when dependencies are satisfied... most likely AFTER "STC" and Dataset are completed ( Oct+ 2018 )
  • Provenance
    • resolve open questions; get concensus on content; migrate to RFC process ( Oct 2018 )
Upcoming model efforts:

Most of these projects are being driven by the time domain work and feedback from the 'Hack-a-thon" in Victoria with data providers exercising existing models. There are no hard goals for these projects at this point, but will be worked as a 'best effort' level

  • TimeSeries
    • continue working with TDIG to flesh out requirements for time domain data models and prototype/develop models as time and resources permit
  • PhotDMv1-1
    • Generate VO-DML compliant model; it is not yet clear if this is a major version update or minor.. the original model had gone far in this direction.
      • preliminary work has been done in Volute in preparation for Victoria demos
      • pick up from there with 'official' model project; modeler=Jesus, domain=??, tech=??
  • Characterisation
    • Migrate Characterisation to a VO-DML compliant model; this is a major project, at least in part motivated by time domain project needs
    • modeler=Francois/Mireille?, domain=??, tech=??
  • SourceDM
    • It is still unclear if a full SourceDM is required or useful at this point given the resources available.
    • A better approach might be to concentrate on the Entities which might be most useful TO a SourceDM, and work to get those entities included in the proper model (eg: meas ).

Grid and Web Services WG

  • Authentication and Authorization
    • Work with Applications WG on client authentication support
    • Completion of the Group Membership Service (GMS) working draft
    • Prototypes and implementations of GMS
  • TAP 1.1 VOSI capabilities support
    • Publication of the UWSRegExt 1.0 Note and XSD?
  • Schema versioning: work out issues with versioning attribute context
  • Encourage working group to collaborate on Science Platform development
  • Continue with GWS telecons

Registry WG

RegTAP 1.1, including new VOResource 1.1 features, can now go through RFC; prototype implementations exist at GAVO and partially at ESAVO, and are planned at MAST (USVAO). The main change is in describing services requiring authentication, which will eventually require changes in some client queries to RegTAP services if these become more common. (Authentication changes decided at Nov '18 interop, work can proceed, use case/examples will need to be edited in the RegTAP document.)

STC in the Registry: Work in prototypes will continue based on a recent STC in the Registry note introducing the concept of MOCs in the registry. We will coordinate with DM on updates to or removal of existing STC registry extensions based on DM's standards reorganization and future compatibility. (Nov '18: ongoing. MOCs in the registry introduced, needs revisited next meeting, waiting on DM RFC)

Discovering Dependent Resources: A note in progress addresses the problem of discovering data collections that are published through other services, the prime use case so far being TAP tables. A path forward involving creating a new registry extension allowing both tables and capabilities was discussed in Victoria, this work will be continued and prototypes developed; work on the main document is postponed until this is resolved.

Standards records: We will continue to work with the chairs of the other IVOA working groups to ensure that they register their standards as envisioned by StandardsRegExt (cf. WriteAStandardsRecord). (Worked with Time Domain IG & DAL for revisiting VOEvent registration)

Maintenance: We will keep making sure the registry system runs; in particular, we will address anomalies diagnosed by ESAVO especially including inconsistencies in the Registry of Registries. (Validation run, operations meeting held, anomalies addressed with RofR and Euro-VO as an example, work ongoing)

Semantics WG

Maintenance of UCDs :

Improve the revision loop proposed. Adjust the Maintenance for UCD WD with the lessons learned. By end June 2018

Work out the process for sharing the progress on UCD terms revision with the community. By end July 2018

Complete the revision of terms asked by the planetary science on the UCDList_1-5_RFM web page. Propose face to face meetings to speed up the process. By nov 2018

Visibility of IVOA vocabularies

Setup of a vocabulary page at the top the http://ivoa.net/documents front page as collaboration effort with the media group and IVOA document coordinator. A prototype page gives an idea of this prototyped page http://wiki.ivoa.net/twiki/bin/view/IVOA/VocabularyTestPage

Organisation of the Vocabulary repository By nov 2018

Nomenclature for names for Observatories, instruments, missions.

Collaboration Baptiste Cecconi (Lesia, Paris) - University of Graz - Fuzzy logic tools applied to instruments telescopes list cross match . Description of Space missions from Vespa

General thesaurus building to be continued with ADS, AAS, astronomical journals, librarians and documentalists involved.

Design of a metadata description based on the reuse of the PDS 4 Information model to categorize the various items. By nov 2018

Data Curation & Preservation IG

The Data Curation & Preservation IG will continue to be the place where liaison between the IVOA and the Research Data Alliance RDA is established, with regular discussion of RDA activities, their relevance to the IVOA, and the IVOA activities relevant to the RDA (e.g. Provenance). This is a standing item for the IG session at each IVOA Interoperability meeting. The IG also hosts discussions on other topics of interest for Data Curation & Preservation. DOIs have been one of the important topics addressed in the past. It is proposed to have it as a topic again for the next DataCP meeting in November 2018, to discuss requirements, implementation, lessons learnt, granularity, etc.

Education IG

  • EduIG and Media Session at the Victoria Interop
  • Several talks were given by Giulia Iafrate and Chenzhou Cui on VO Education at the XXXth IAU GA FM14 and BMs.
  • Tutorial at the 2018 ADASS on "A comprehensive use case scenario of VO standards and protocols"
    • The propolsal was accepted by ADASS POC - updated by Chenzhou on Sep. 12, 2018

Knowledge Discovery IG

Operations IG

Operations will continue its normal activities:

  • monitor VO services, expect to present weather reports at the next Interop
  • monitor availability of validator software for existing and emerging VO standards, as summarised on the IvoaValidatorsSummary wiki page

Solar System IG

VOEvent: prototyping for planetary and space-weather sciences.

  • Finalizing VOEvent services in Planetary Sciences and Space Weather
  • Serving VOEvent catalogs for a posteriori studies, using EPN-TAP
EPNcore: modeling and interoperability

  • review of the EPNcore currently used to adjust the model before proposing an IVOA standard.
  • interoperability with NASA/PDS information models and local data dictionaries

  • Review of solar and planetary reference frames, as a list (with synonyms)
New EPN-TAP services:

  • Review of new services

Theory IG

Work in the "Implemementation Note" for SimDAL.

We intend to describe several implementations, done by different groups, about different types of simulations.

Time Domain IG


Time domain IG members working with ZTF and LSST to develop brokers and filters: Lessons learned from ZTF and LSST will inform future developments of VOEvent

Feedback from SSIG, investigate and report on how to proceed on VOEvent to meet their requirements

Time Series:


TimeSeries extension for DAL protocols as a single spec: “TimeSeries discovery and access protocol a set of extensions to DAL protocol for TimeSeries

Obscore extension (Time sampling…)

Corresponding PARAMETERS in SIAV2-like interface

SODA extension parameters for data selection

Access or DataLinks tags in source-driven context

DM: Representation (requires modelling and serialisation)

Work close to Gaia, ZTF, LSST to meet their deadlines

Deliver different versions on our path towards ultimate goal

Present serialisations —> encourage applications to test —> collect feedback

Steps towards a TimeSeries DM:


Connect to space MOC (towards a ST-MOC?)

Progenitors (HiPS for Time?)

No documentation, we need it

Test and give feedback

Standard and Processes

Science Priorities


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