IVOA Roadmap for 2018B

This outlines the roadmap for development activities by the various IVOA working and interest groups in 2018 between the College Park and Paris Interops.

Applications WG

  • Continue to engage with Astropy community
    • Offer support for VOTable in Astropy core
  • Astroquery VO registry module
VOTable Standards
  • Shepherd TIMESYS element proposal through the change process.
    • Changes need to include the 3 existing errata.
  • Work towards VODML-Mapping consesnsus.
  • Determine if there are other driving factors for a new VOTable version.
  • Encourage application support for client authentication, working with Grid and Web Services WG to outline the scope and details.
  • Continue to encourage HiPS providers to declare their services in the VO registry according to the <a target="_blank" href="http://ivoa.net/documents/HiPS/index.html" title="HiPS Standard">HiPS Standard</a>(section 5.3).

Data Access Layer WG

  • TAP-1.1
    • New PR reflecting decision
      • Alert community and update RFC accordingly
      • Update reference implementation and validator
    • Go REC and put TAPRegExt in RFC
  • SLAP-2.0
    • Release official WD, then wait “VO-DML” SSLDM-2.0
  • ObsLocTAP & ObjVisSAP
    • Progress WD
  • ADQL-2.1
    • Continue 2nd reference implementation
    • Tackle REGION issue
  • DataLink-1.1
    • Start revision on (subset?) of identified features
  • Services weather report SHOULD warnings: take a decision
  • Continue effort on polygon winding interoperability

Data Model WG

Priority model efforts:

  • Errata:
    • generate errata page for ObsCore-1.1 and migrate through process (early 2019)
    • generate errata for 2 STC-1.33 errata and migrate through process (early 2019)
  • Coords: Astronomical Coordinates and Coordinate Systems (Nov 2018)
  • Meas: Measurements and Errors (Dec 2018)
    • restore basic Velocity, correct Correlation Matrix
    • complete WD documentation, and distribute for review
  • Trans: WCS Transforms (Dec 2018)
    • restore transform operations needed by LSST, implemented by AST library
    • complete WD documentation, and distribute for review
  • WG concensus on coord, meas, trans model content, move to PR/RFC process (Jan-May 2019)
  • Provenance ( May 2019 )
    • review/address RFC comments
    • assess impact of compromise model on implementations
    • update model/document accordingly
    • update implementations
Secondary model efforts:
  • Dataset Metadata
    • no contention, ready to move forward when measurement model dependency is satisfied. ( May 2019 )
  • NDCube
    • no open issues, ready to move forward when dependencies are satisfied... most likely AFTER "STC" and Dataset are completed ( May 2019? )
  • SSDL-2.0
    • get volute workspace setup ( Jan 2019 )
    • vo-dml compliant model representation - WD ( May 2019 )
Upcoming model efforts:

Most of these projects are being driven by the time domain work and feedback from the 'Hack-a-thon" in Victoria with data providers exercising existing models. There are no hard goals for these projects at this point, but will be worked as a 'best effort' level

  • TimeSeries
    • continue working with TDIG to flesh out requirements for time domain data models and prototype/develop models as time and resources permit
  • PhotDM
    • Generate VO-DML compliant model; it is not yet clear if this is a major version update or minor.. the original model had gone far in this direction.
      • preliminary work has been done in Volute in preparation for Victoria demos
      • pick up from there with 'official' model project; modeler=Jesus, domain=??, tech=??
  • Characterisation
    • Migrate Characterisation to a VO-DML compliant model; this is a major project, at least in part motivated by time domain project needs
    • modeler=Francois/Mireille?, domain=??, tech=??
  • SourceDM
    • It is still unclear if a full SourceDM is required or useful at this point given the resources available.
    • A better approach might be to concentrate on the Entities which might be most useful TO a SourceDM, and work to get those entities included in the proper model (eg: meas ).

Grid and Web Services WG

For Paris:
  • VOSI best practices note
  • Science Platforms: call for standardization proposals on:
    • How to lookup registry capabilities for a platform
    • New capabilities applicable to science platforms
    • Container execution? Input Params? Output location?
  • Group Membership Services -- feedback from community, new working draft
  • XML Schema Versioning -- address known issues
  • Bring 2 VOSI erratum to TCG
  • Hold 2 or 3 GWS telecons
For consideration:
  • Work with DAL on potential VOSI-based table uploads
  • Extend Credential Delegation Protocol to include OAuth 2.0
  • See if ICRAR pyvospace implementation experience can improve VOSpace standard

Registry WG

  • RegTAP 1.1: Incorporate changes from Authentication/Authorization re TAP 1.1 and endpoints, including example queries
    • Work on reference implementation at MAST/NAVO
  • Continue work on VODataService 1.2 regarding MOCs in the Registry, present May 2019
  • Discovering Dependent Resources: Incorporate changes required by Authentication / Authorization re: TAP.
  • Standards Records: We will continue to work with the chairs of the other IVOA working groups to ensure that they register their standards as envisioned by StandardsRegExt
    • VOEventRegExt: A new approach to registering event streams is being developed within TDIG. Registry will contribute to this work, preliminary effort to be presented May 2019
  • Operations: We will keep making sure the registry system runs; in particular, we will address anomalies diagnosed by ESAVO especially including inconsistencies in the Registry of Registries
    • Registry will review validation done at the RofR level based on standards which have since been updated.
    • Registry will develop VOResource errata regarding # in identifiers, which causes validation failures
    • Registry maintainers will work on resolving OAI and Resource validation errors in their publishing registry implementations

Semantics WG

Data Curation & Preservation IG

Education IG

Knowledge Discovery IG

Operations IG

Solar System IG

Theory IG

Time Domain IG

Standard and Processes

Science Priorities

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