IVOA Roadmap for 2019A

This outlines the roadmap for development activities by the various IVOA working and interest groups in 2019 between the Paris and Gronigan Interops.

Applications WG

Data Access Layer WG

Data Model WG

Grid and Web Services WG

Authentication and Authorization

  • New SSO version, Working draft by October 2019:
    • Describe approach for obtaining token credentials (SSO)
    • Describe approach for validating token credentials (SSO)
    • Define an IVOA "Realm" and how it determines the scope of services for which a token is applicable. (SSO)
  • Implement OAuth in TAP
  • Another Group Membership Service Working Draft with definition of User Identities (GMS 1.0)
Science Platforms
  • Encouraged groups to use Kubernetes. Data centres will be running services as containers. Natural step to run user code in containers. Standards after more experience.
  • Encouraging remote executing prototypes with containers. What infrastructure and information did you need? What problems did you face?
  • Describe POSIX access to a platform. New VOResource Interface Type?
  • Encourage collaboration. Share knowledge, code and resources with similar institutes. Organic convergence.

Registry WG

Semantics WG

Standards Track

  • The UCD Maintenance standard is currently in late RFC and was pending the solution of some minor technicalities. Since these have been solved during the Paris interop, it should go to Exec for their next meeting.
  • We will produce a first working draft for "Vocabularies in the VO 2.0" around August 2019; this will, much more than its predecessors, address consensus vocabularies, in particular as regards their maintenance and evolution.
Vocabularies Work

See http://www.ivoa.net/rdf.

  • Update vocabulary maintenance software in lockstep with Vocabularies 2.0 document; this, in particular, concerns support for vocabularies over classes, which we (probably) need for the VOTable-attached vocabularies; also, draft terms (as opposed to draft vocabularies) will need software support.
  • Guide Timescale and Refpos vocabularies through the VOTable 1.4 RFC process.
  • Work on metadata of the theory vocabularies.
  • Perform the first “vocabulary enhancement proposals” (as per Vocabularies 2.0), presumably on Datalink terms.
  • Observation facility vocabulary: test metadata and classes with the current TAP prototype, insert more lists, define or reuse a name resolver.
  • UCD maintenance procedure: After completing the RFC process , put it in action for the current RFM pages.

Data Curation & P reservation IG

Education IG

Knowledge Discovery IG

Operations IG

Solar System IG

Theory IG

Time Domain

  • TimeSeriesDM:
    • Explore how the current status of the data model is able to describe ZTF-DR1 products (Objects Table, lightcurves, single-epoch images, quality flags) * Work with Apps on ST-MOC:
  • ST-MOCs
    • Work with data providers to precompute STMOCs: VizieR catalogs and HiPS, and for solar system body ephemeris - work close to SSIG for that.
    • Ingest in CDS MocServer: clients can resource by Space-Time.
    • Create library in python and add to mocpy.
    • Do we need a standard IVOA 2.0 MOC for SMOC, TMOC and STMOC?
    • VO registry coverage by STMOC? Work with registry for that.
  • Work with Semantics to improve discovery and client use of:
    • VOEvents services and streams (What and where)
    • Time Series as distributed by datalink (data product (sub)type)
    • Get the refposition case of topocenter started for TIMESYS in VOTable1.4

Standard and Processes

Science Priorities

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