SimDB at IVOA Interop Strasbourg, May 2009

  • TIG session: main discussion session, how to proceed towards standard.
    • explain current status (GL)
    • list of main issues per IG/WG
    • TIG: contents of model: web service, ...; normalisation as issue for usability: denormalised model?; ...
    • DM: use of existing models: characterisation, registry resource/curation); reuse by others: SimDAP, S3; ...
    • DAL: TAP compliance/usage, ..
    • Registry: how to register a SimDB service, registering SimDB/Resource-s;
    • Semantics (+TIG):
      • ...
    • AOB
  • DM session: discuss role of DM WG in SimDB development
    • use of UML and UML profile
      • semantics
    • features of model: packages, level of normalisation
    • (re)use of existing models
    • creating representations (TAP/XML/UTYPE/...);
    • AOB
  • DAL session
    • discuss SimDB's proposal for using TAP+REST
    • metadata:
      • OR mapping strategy.
      • how to represent predefined metadata in a specification.
      • link between TAP and REST spec
    • protocol TAP:
      • sync/async
      • UWS features
    • protocol REST:
      • GET only?
      • format
    • AOB

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