DM "DRAFT" sessions schedule - IVOA May 2020 Virtual Interoperability Meeting

This is the schedule setup for DM related sessions at the Virtual IVOA Meeting (May 2020).

The table below shows the DM related session start time and date at various time zones. If you don't find your time zone there, or for cross-check, have a look at a tool like <a target="_top" href="">this one</a>.

Topics that didn't find a place in the main week sessions will be scheduled by DM in the following weeks, accordingly to interest and attendance availability.


Virtual Meeting (May 5-8) Sessions

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DM Status report

(Tuesday May 5, 6:00-7:00 UTC, Paris 08:00-09:00 CEST )

  • Focus:
    • The chairs will present and discuss their visions on the DM usage.
      If you you have to complain (or to applaud) about VO DMs, this the place to be.
  • Introduction by: Laurent Michel
    • slides:
  • Moderator/chair: Laurent Michel
  • Note taker:Jesus Salgado
  • connection details
  • etherpad notes & question collector:
  • etherpad notes dump: txt
  • Slides pdf

Meas, Coords, Transform Model Status report

(Tuesday May 5, 22:00-23:00 UTC, Paris May 6, 00:00-01:00 CEST)

  • Focus:
    • We will present the current status of the MCT (formerly STC) post-RFC model revisions.
      This the place to be to get more about the last step for these models and the implementations already done.
    • There should be plenty of time to brainstorm additional projects moving forward to exercise the models in various 'toy' applications... so PLEASE BRING IDEAS!
  • Introduction by: Mark Cresitello-Dittmar
  • Moderator/chair: Mark Cresitello-Dittmar
  • Note taker: Jesus Salgado
  • connection details: TBD
  • etherpad notes & question collector:
  • etherpad notes dump: txt

Implementations of the Provenance Datamodel

(Thursday May 7, 15:00-16:00 UTC, Paris 17:00-18:00 CEST)

  • Focus:
    • Provenance is now a REC. Therefore this session is more a cross WG topic one than a DM one.
      Some participants will report on their implementations of this model.
  • Introduction by: Mathieu Servillat
  • Contributions:
    • gammapy (Mathieu), slides: (included in above presentation)
    • CTADIRAC (Michèle), slides: pdf
    • SVOM (Laurent), slides: pdf
    • ProvHiPS requests examples (François), slides: pdf
    • Pollux (Michèle), slides: pdf
    • voprov (Michèle & Jean-François), slides: pdf
  • Moderator/chair: Mathieu Servillat
  • Note taker: Mireille Louys
  • connection details: TBD
  • etherpad notes & question collector:

Source model progress report

(Friday May 8, 6:00-7:00 UTC, Paris 08:00-09:00 CEST)

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PDFpdf 200507_IVOA_Provenance_CTADIRAC.pdf manage 1661.6 K 2020-05-07 - 14:04 MicheleSanguillon  
PDFpdf 200507_IVOA_Provenance_Pollux.pdf manage 393.1 K 2020-05-07 - 13:46 MicheleSanguillon Implementation of Provenance in the Pollux project
PDFpdf 200507_IVOA_Provenance_voprov.pdf manage 873.1 K 2020-05-07 - 14:00 MicheleSanguillon  
PDFpdf 2020-05-07_provenance_implementions_IVOA.pdf manage 3516.8 K 2020-05-07 - 14:22 MathieuServillat  
PDFpdf CABMSD_MAI_2020.pdf manage 1916.2 K 2020-05-07 - 20:26 LaurentMichel  
PDFpdf DMStatus.pdf manage 1108.5 K 2020-05-04 - 15:21 LaurentMichel  
Texttxt DMStatusEtherpad.txt manage 4.4 K 2020-05-06 - 10:56 JesusSalgado  
PDFpdf MCT_status_2020a.pdf manage 194.2 K 2020-05-05 - 21:36 MarkCresitelloDittmar STC2 component model status
Texttxt MeasCoordTransform_etherpad.txt manage 2.6 K 2020-05-06 - 10:59 JesusSalgado  
PDFpdf ProvHiPSVirtualIVOA.pdf manage 1131.1 K 2020-05-07 - 15:05 FrancoisBonnarel ProvHiPS as "on top provenance" testbed for optical astronomy
PDFpdf Svom_Provenance.pdf manage 1203.6 K 2020-05-06 - 09:08 LaurentMichel Provenance usage for the SVOM mission
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