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If you are interested in participating in the definition of the VO Query Language, you are invited to enroll in the Virtual Observatory Query Language Working Group (voql@ivoa.net).

We have a 3 layer model for VOQL as represented below.


Based on the Pune (2004) agreement,In the Boston 2004 meeting, the working document toward a Proposed Recommendation was published. There have been a few minor changes since Pune. This version is to be discussed at Kyoto

The January demos ran on ADLQ0.7.4. But we should be moving to this new version now. dev.openskyquery.net is runnind ADQL0.9

The document was created based on the Boston 2004 agreement, however, several new features, such as CREATE,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE, have not yet been included because these will actually create a huge increase in the size of the grammar. The process of generating the ADQL schema are described in ADQL Schema generation steps.

An example XSL style sheet for converting ADQL/x to ADQL/s (strings) has been provided by NCSA adql2sql-ns.xsl.

A pack of XSLT stylesheets for converting ADQL to SQL (provided by ESAC) can be downloaded here : ADQL2SQL-XSLTs.zip.
This pack includes stylesheets for v0.7.4 and v1.0 (+ extensions for Mysql and Sybase).
The latter version works fine for v0.8 and v0.9, just by changing the namespace declaration.

The currect translation services are for 0.7.4 and are at http://openskyquery.net/adqltranslator

A java client for the translation service has been prepared.


SkyNodes and the SkyNode portal would form layer 2 and 1 of this system. At the Strasbourg meeting the skynode spec was split in two. Since release of the Standard Interfaces this has also been reomved from skynode. Finally the portal section has also been reomved leaving a leaner Skynode document. Latest SkyNode WSDL from IVOA SkyNode0_9.wsdl

There are currently Java and .NET implementations of this. Nodes are registered in the Registry and may be intereacted with through the OpenSkyQuery Portal. You may get the .NET version off the help pages of openskyquery. The Basic Java version is included in the SumerSchool software from the nvo.

A More Complete Java implelemtation is underconstruction by Tom McGlynn and is in the NVO CVS under contrib/tam/skynode Other groups (JVO, ESA, IndiaVO) are also looking at the java implementation.

SkyNode Registry Schema Extention

The SkyNode also requires a registry entry you may register in the NVO registry. The schema for the SkyNode registry entry is here - OpenSkyNode-v0.1.xsd

Comments should be posted on the VOQL mailing list as specified below.

VOQL Sessions in Kyoto 2005 May

WG Roadmap

  • May 16-20 2005 Interop Kyoto

-- work toward Recommendations ADQL/SkyNode 1.0

  • June Prepare PR documents

  • Jul (-- Aug ?) RFC

-- Below is work for future version --

  • Sept 2005 First WD ADQL/SkyNode 1.x
    • Integration of current ADQL and DAL (with DAL)
    • X-Matcher (with DM/DAL)
      Algorithms, PSF/Baem sizes, Positional errors
      X-match is a part of SkyNode spec, or is an independent application ?
    • Inclusion of simulated data access ? (with Registry WG/Theory IG)
      Theory meta data, "coordinate" ?, etc.

  • Oct 2005 ADASS + IVOA Interop Madrid, Spain
    Discussion on the draft, and revise the WD

  • Jan 2006 NVO demos

  • Spring 2006 reference implementations ?

  • May 2006 Interop WS

  • Aug 2006 IAU Prague : VO Special Session

  • Autumn 2006 Interop WS
    To PR ????


  • General working-group discussion archive.

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Unknown file formatxsd ADQL-0.7.3.xsd r1 manage 22.3 K 2004-02-26 - 21:46 VivekHaridas The proposed ADQL v0.73 schema
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Unknown file formatxsd ADQL-0.7.4.xsd r1 manage 21.6 K 2004-03-23 - 16:56 VivekHaridas The proposed ADQL v 0.7.4 schema
PDFpdf ADQL-0.8.1.pdf r1 manage 600.3 K 2004-08-20 - 07:12 MasatoshiOhishi A Working Document for ADQL-0.8.1
PDFpdf ADQL-0.8.pdf r1 manage 599.3 K 2004-07-26 - 08:26 MasatoshiOhishi A working draft for ADQL ver 0.8
Unknown file formatxsd ADQL-0.8.xsd r1 manage 26.1 K 2004-07-23 - 18:27 VivekHaridas The proposed ADQL v 0.8 schema
Unknown file formatxsd ADQL-0.9.xsd r1 manage 26.2 K 2004-11-02 - 19:40 WilliamOMullane v0.9 schema - same as v0,8
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Unknown file formatxsd ADQL-v1.05.xsd r1 manage 17.1 K 2006-07-12 - 15:24 YujiSHIRASAKI ADQL Full Schema 1.05
Compressed Zip archivezip ADQL2SQL-XSLTs.zip r1 manage 7.5 K 2006-08-29 - 11:34 AurelienStebe XSLT Stylesheets pack to convert ADQL to SQL
Compressed Zip archivezip Adql-Java-Web-Parser-0.7.4.zip r2 r1 manage 306.7 K 2004-05-21 - 17:35 VivekHaridas Java client src and build files for ADQL-0.7.4
Unknown file formatxsd Adql.xsd r1 manage 22.3 K 2004-02-26 - 20:27 VivekHaridas The proposed ADQL v0.73 schema
PDFpdf DraftAgenda_VOQL_May04.pdf r2 r1 manage 11.5 K 2004-05-21 - 11:00 MasatoshiOhishi  
PDFpdf DraftAgenda_VOQL_Oct04.pdf r1 manage 9.9 K 2004-08-20 - 13:52 MasatoshiOhishi Preliminary Agenda Items for the Pune meeting
Postscriptps JVOQL.ps r1 manage 106.5 K 2003-03-18 - 13:26 JonasHaase JVO Query Language
Unknown file formatxsd OpenSkyNode-v0.1.xsd r1 manage 4.8 K 2004-11-02 - 19:42 WilliamOMullane Registry Schema Extention for OSN
Unknown file formatwsdl SkyNode0_9.wsdl r1 manage 76.4 K 2005-05-11 - 21:14 WilliamOMullane SkyNode WSDL (fixed for java)
PDFpdf SkyNodeInterface-0.7.4.pdf r1 manage 145.3 K 2004-05-17 - 14:53 WilliamOMullane  
PDFpdf SkyNodeInterface-0.7.pdf r1 manage 138.6 K 2004-01-23 - 15:23 WilliamOMullane  
Microsoft Word filedoc SkyNodeInterface-0.9.doc r1 manage 151.0 K 2005-05-11 - 21:19 WilliamOMullane  
PDFpdf SkyNodeInterface-0.9.pdf r1 manage 243.1 K 2005-05-11 - 21:18 WilliamOMullane some new metadat - bring uptodate with actaul pros
Microsoft Word filedoc SkyNodeInterface-20060711.doc r1 manage 488.0 K 2006-07-11 - 13:24 YujiSHIRASAKI SkyNode WD 1.03
PDFpdf SkyNodeInterface-20060711.pdf r1 manage 139.7 K 2006-07-11 - 13:24 YujiSHIRASAKI SkyNode WD 1.03
Texttxt VOQL-notes-oct16-2003.txt r1 manage 2.0 K 2003-10-24 - 17:21 PatrickDowler notes from VOQL WG session
PDFpdf VOQL_R2.pdf r1 manage 7.9 K 2003-05-12 - 07:31 MasatoshiOhishi Revised Prem. Agenda on May 12
PDFpdf WD_ADQL-0.9.pdf r1 manage 623.4 K 2004-11-11 - 10:25 MasatoshiOhishi draft Proposed Recommendation of ADQL
Unknown file formatycc adql-0.8.ycc r1 manage 11.6 K 2004-07-23 - 18:33 VivekHaridas The grammar for ADQL/s ver 0.8
XSL (XML style sheet)xsl adql2sql-ns.xsl r1 manage 12.4 K 2004-02-09 - 17:11 RamonWilliamson XSL to convert JHU converter output to SQL
XSL (XML style sheet)xsl adql2sql.xsl r1 manage 12.1 K 2004-02-09 - 17:08 RamonWilliamson XSL stylesheet to convert ADQL 0.7.1 to SQL string
XSL (XML style sheet)xsl adql2sql_v073.xsl r1 manage 8.9 K 2004-03-05 - 22:54 RamonWilliamson XSLT Stylesheet to convert ADQL 0.7.3 to SQL
XSL (XML style sheet)xsl adql2sql_v074.xsl r1 manage 10.9 K 2004-04-05 - 16:38 RamonWilliamson XSLT Stylesheet to convert ADQL 0.7.4 to SQL
XSL (XML style sheet)xsl adql2sql_v10.xsl r1 manage 11.3 K 2005-08-23 - 13:53 AurelienStebe XSLT Stylesheet to convert ADQL 1.0 to SQL
HTMLhtml adql_steps.html r1 manage 3.1 K 2004-03-02 - 20:29 VivekHaridas  
Compressed Zip archivezip adql_v073_examples.zip r2 r1 manage 3.1 K 2004-02-26 - 21:49 VivekHaridas Xml examples of the proposed ADQL v0.73 queries
PDFpdf chamberlin.pdf r1 manage 472.5 K 2003-03-18 - 13:29 JonasHaase XQuery: An XML query language
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