Program Prep List - Virtual IVOA meeting (May 4, 2020 start date)

Meeting web link:

Program link:

Virtual Interop Meeting organization notes:

Schedule inputs CLOSED (except for issues) !!

Next TCG meeting: April 23 @15:00 UTC

Virtual Mtg Outline: (Collection of notes from April 7 & 16 mtgs & updates and things evolved)

  • Meeting Start May 04 ... Initiate with Kickoff session (Exec, Charge to WGs/IGs, Plenary), then continue 3 days with possible followup mtgs going over several weeks.
  • Virtual Meeting Page
  • Technology
    • Videocon: zoom
    • Session messaging: zoom chat
    • Live notes: etherpad
  • Sessions
    • First day - Exec presentation, TCG presentation, WG/IG presentations, Plenary
      • Organize Plenary - Invite Radio group - Scheduled on Tuesday for 60 min
    • Chenzhou suggested G20 virtual summit choice, i.e. 12PM UTC. for plenary session
    • Suggested ~2 hours each day - not more
      • Decided to add Voting/Registered topics - 2.5 hours over 3 time slots to fit in 24 sessions
    • Format discussion: 10 minute video or set of slides to start meeting, then rest of session open with discussion
      • Use Zoom chat and etherpad for notes
    • In scheduling sessions be cognizant of the time zones and work to balance hours to be fair
      • We tried - picked 3 time slots that sync'd with 8am in Victoria, Strasbourg, Sydney/Beijing
    • An option was discussed -- Split a session into 2 sessions with an 8 hour split in time
      • favors multiple time zones; need good notes to seed 2nd half of mtg where the discussion can be continued
      • In the end we didn't go with this plan
    • Another option to post the schedule and have attendees indicate whether they will attend
      • Pick time of session based on attendees locations & a vote that they will attend - may not need double session
      • Big response to voting topics - added to detailed schedule
  • Sent email to Interop email group noting plans for Virtual meeting is being planned for week of May 4 and to stay tuned for details - DONE (JE/Apr17)
    • TCG adding their requests to the organization page (as usual) - this page - see New Requests below

Session Planning

New Requests WG/IGs:

(Format: [WG] , <Request> - Name - Date)

  • [DM], Presentation of the group's work - Laurent Michel/Jesus Salgado - 20/04/2020
  • [DM], Source model: progress report (overlaps with DAL & Apps) - Laurent Michel - 20/04/2020
  • [DM], STC: progress report - Mark Cresitello Dittmar - 20/04/2020
  • [TDIG / DAL], ConeSearch - Ada Nebot - 20/04/2020
  • [TDIG / DAL], Object Visibility Simple Access Protocol & Observation Locator Table Access Protocol - Ada Nebot - 20/04/2020
  • [TDIG] Annotation of light curves using VOTable - Ada Nebot - 20/04/2020
  • [TDIG] VOEvents next steps - Ada Nebot - 20/04/2020
  • [Semantics] Vocabularies in the VO Version 2 - MarkusDemleitner - 2020-04-21
  • [DAL/Registry/Apps] Declaration of complex interfaces (a.k.a. caproles, TAPRegExt 1.1, perhaps ComplexDALRegExt?) - MarkusDemleitner - 2020-04-21**POST Interop**
  • [DAL] DataLink - Marco Molinaro - 2020-04-21
  • [DAL] ADQL - Marco Molinaro - 2020-04-21
  • [DAL] A Python based TAP Server at Caltech/IPAC-NExScI - Bruce Berriman - 2020-04-21
  • [DAL] - Working session to resolve how to implement the MAST Tesscut service as a standards-compliant SODA service. -- TomDonaldson - 2020-04-22 **POST Interop**
  • [Apps] - Review and discussion of VOTable status (as a document in github with a set of issues). -- TomDonaldson - 2020-04-22 ** POST IVOA **
  • [Apps] - Working session to set up automatic builds for VOTable. Alternatively a presentation/tutorial from those who have done that with other documents. -- TomDonaldson - 2020-04-22
  • [Apps] - Working session to learn (following existing documentation, and updating where necessary) the lifecycle of making a change to the VOTable document, actually making the change in the repository. It seems important that we all know the recommended path through the tools and processes. -- TomDonaldson - 2020-04-22
    • Based on recent Slack discussions (#github-help channel), maybe it would be better to have a session where we do a hack to create a succinct document of the recommended workflow with emphasis on the gory git details. Ideally an outline or draft could be circulated ahead of time, so that people can try things out and have something at which to throw tomatoes.
  • [Apps] - Discussion on how best to maintain the applications page ( This is a similar maintenance problem to other externally-focused resources referred to by
  • [GWS] - Authorization protocol (GMS): discussion on the GMS protocol and its RFC trasition
  • [GWS] - Discussion on Single sign on: towards a new standard able to allow apps and services to access easely private data.
  • [GWS] - Discussion on Science Platforms: what can IVAO provide towards the "standarization" of the science platforms?

New Requests Interop email list:

(Format: [WG] , <Request> - Name - Date)

  • Title: PyVO and the end user
    • Proposed: T Jaffee, GSFC/NAVO)
    • Description: The NASA Astronomical Virtual Observatories (NAVO) have been developing Jupyter notebooks to demonstrate how the end user can use PyVO directly to discover and retrieve data from the NASA archives. This of course is generic to all archives using VO protocols, so we have plans to contribute them as tutorials for distribution in PyVO. Our purposes have so far been NASA-specific, so we propose to present what we have done to the IVOA and open a discussion of how to improve our materials for a broader audience.
  • Title: Implementations of the provenance data model
    • Proposed: Mathieu Servillat, ParisVO)
    • Description: I would like to propose a short contribution on the "Implementations of the provenance data model". This is an overview of the different implementations at different levels and for different project, with the objective to share common issues that were faced. This can open a discussion on the requirements of the community in terms of provenance tools.
  • Title: FAIR Data Maturity Model (RDA WG) discussion in IVOA (DCP)
    • Proposed by F. Genova
    • Description: FAIRness certification, licensing & al. and their impact on our work (M. Molinaro sketchy summary)
  • Title: Vocabularies
    • Proposed: F Bonnarel
    • discussions around dataproduct_type vocabularies and DataLink semantics vocabularies shoud be useful
  • Title: SIA2/SODA
    • Proposed: F Bonnarel
    • Description: Feedback on SIA2/SODA including reports on Pyvo developements
  • Title: Blockchain protocol of NFT - ** POST Interop **
    • Proposed: Sebastian Gurovich (for NOVA-Argentina)
    • Description: To evaluate use of developing a blockchain protocol of Non-fungible tokens (NFT) to help with the open development of astronomy. A possible starting point to look at is the protocol (, available on github.
  • Title: Theory session - **POST Interop**
    • Gerard Lemson
    • Description: How to organize python libraries for accessing cosmological simulations. Follow-up to side meeting with various folks on topic (incuding those from AstroPy development)

Last update

  • Seeded this doc with notes from TCG discussion (4/7/20) - JE (02/19)
  • Added New Request/Scheduled sections for mtg prep - JE 4/16
  • Organized page in prep of the Exec meeting (4/21)
  • Updated in prep for TCG mtg (4/23)
  • Updated with first crack at organizing sessions (4/24 - JE)
  • Updated with latest info; pointer to google doc (4/30 - JE)
  • VirtualIVOAInterop_Planning.pdf: Virtual IVOA meeting Planning Outline with saved emails that were distributed to attendees
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