Participants: Mireille, François, Ole, Anastasia, Michèle, Mathieu


  • Parameter as an Entity, or as an independent class?
    • Parameter class
      • specific concept in IVOA (and in general)
      • link to configuration of an Activity (though it is not in the main requirement for IVOA Provenance)
      • no history needed in this context
      • exist in SimDB
      • However
        • What if we want the history of a parameter?
        • Some Parameters may in fact be listed as Entities
          • so one need to collect both Parameters and Entities to have a list of input parameters
    • ParameterEntity class
      • logical place in the W3C system
      • specializationOf an Entity with PARAM attributes
      • However
        • Inherits complex relations and attributes
        • Not directly linked to the Activity
          • so what is the difference with a basic Entity?
    • + UWS system use of parameters as a use case
      • All inputs to a UWS job are uws:param objects
      • Need to map Parameters and Input Entities to uws:param
      • The list of inputs with their nature must be given (e.g. as an ActivityDescription + roles for input)
      • Parameters and Entities are very similar, but:
        • A parameter can be written more simply (e.g. PARAM in VOTable, uws:param, POST/GET parameters)
        • An Entity is more complex, one need to store the relation and role in addition to the parameter attributes
    • => The concept of Parameter exist and should appear in the Provenance DM
      • propose two solutions for a use case to discuss the best representation
      • in any case, in the W3C context, Parameters are Entities
  • Descriptions: stored as Bundles? link with specializationOf?
    • Seems to be logical
    • Is it an abuse of what is a Bundle ?
    • Note that Bundle is an extension of the W3C core concepts
    • The proposed ActivityDescription serialization as an extended DataLink service descriptor corresponds to this Bundle
  • W3C serialization (do we really need an IVOA format?)
    • Mathieu : write a section to describe the serialization of the DM with W3C concepts
    • Parameter as W3C Entity
    • Descriptions as W3C Bundle
    • use specializationOf relation
  • ActivityFlow: still issues with the wasGeneratedBy multiplicity (add level attribute?)
    • not in the core model
    • as an extension, different scopes, additional section ?
    • Mireille : Summarize and see how to integrate this to the draft
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