Request for Modification (RFM) for the UCD vocabulary towards UCDList v1.6

This page summarises the steps for Modifications and Updates proposed in the UCD List Maintenance recommendation. The UCDListMaintenancePage summarises the past and current RFMs.

The third (on going) iteration for the Request for modifications of UCD terms is summarized in the following content.

These terms are submitted for evaluation to the UCD science committee (see details in the Maintenance Specification document).

UCDList v1.6 Request For Modifications, from Oct 2022 to ?

Accepted RFMs

Pending RFMs

From UCDList 1.3 RFM: pos.rotation, pos.euleraAngle, pos.quaternion, ... pos.heliocentric, pos.heliographic, etc .. postponed for better understanding

From UCDList 1.4 RFM: stat.histogram (use case to be further detailed). See further discussion below.

Rejected RFMs

Still in discussion from RFM 1.5

Proposals from StephaneErard (VEP-UCD-003)

  • Proposed term: pos.moc
  • Proposed description: Multi-order coverage
  • Prefix: S
  • Rationale: This term is used to tag a parameter containing a MOC (of any type, e.g, temporal, spatial, both, or any future MOC types)
  • Used-in: EPNcore-2.0
  • Discussion:The closest term available is pos.contour, but it doesn't seem adequate for multi-order coverage.
Sci-UCD Discussion: Three cases:
  • a VOTable field is tagged with "pos.moc", in this case, the xtype attribute must be present to tell what is the encoding of the MOC
  • "pos.moc" is in the EpnCore "measurement_type", to advertise the content of the product. Could be used with "dataproduct_type", to tell which axes are in the MOC (e.g., 'im' for classical MOC, 'mo' for STMOC, 'ts' for TMOC...)
  • A VOTable field with URLs pointing to MOC products. The UCD would be "meta.ref.url;pos.moc"
ML: To be discussed again

  • Proposed term: pos.projection
  • Proposed description: Geometric projection
  • Prefix: S
  • Rationale: This term is used to tag a parameter containing the projection in use, or to identified parameters that have been projected onto a map (map projected products).
  • Used-in: EPNcore-2.0
  • Discussion: The current UCD List contains `pos.lambert` which is a specific projection type, which can't cover all the needs for geometric projection tagging.

Sci-UCD Discussion: during EPN-TAP RFC review, MarkTaylor proposed to have Q prefixes for both pos.moc and pos.projection.

Proposal from AdaNebot (VEP-UCD-004)

  • Proposed term: time.period.oscillation
  • Proposed description: Period of pulsation of a body (similar to solar pulsations or oscillations)
  • Prefix: Q
  • Rationale: This term is used to measure periods in oscillating phenomena.
  • Used-in:
  • Discussion: This term was proposed actually by Ada Nebot to consider oscillating phenomena on sky objects and cover possible time measurements used in these studies. This is a first term proposal for addition concerning oscillating stars, etc ...
2022-05-20 ML pending . More discussion to refine a clear definition

Proposal from MarkusDemleitner & BaptisteCecconi (VEP-UCD-005, initially in UCDList 1.4 RFM)

  • Proposed term: stat.histogram
  • Proposed description: An array-like object with counts or ratios in bins
  • Prefix: P
  • Rationale:
  • Used-in:
  • Discussion: See VEP-UCD-005, and UCDList 1.4 RFM for the detailed discussion.
Sci-UCD Further Discussion: The same discussion as that of pos.moc applies for the use cases. Depending on how what is tagged, P or S flag should be used, and a specific dataproduct_type may also be needed to advertise a product in an ObsTAP or EPN-TAP table.

Proposed RFMs - suggestions for datasets issued in the science domain of gravitational waves

Proposals from M.Louys , S.Derriere for P. Chanial (VEP-UCD-011)

  • Proposed term: stat.confidenceLevel
  • Proposed description:
  • Prefix: P
  • Rationale: GW studies produce maps of the sky with regions showing detection likelihood at particular confidence level . Such a confidence level can be a selection criteria for a map, or a dataset in general.
  • Used-in: Gravitational waves catalogs
  • Discussion:

Proposals from A. Micol : UCD tags for Ambiant Conditions at telescopes sites

List of terms and concepts to cover (open for discussion) : ESO VLT Ambient parameters

New terms proposal : [[][First proposal for new terms]]


Proposals from M.Louys , S.Derriere for A. Micol (???)

  • Proposed term: obs.atmos.humidity
  • Proposed description:
  • Prefix: S
  • Rationale: Ambient conditions measure various physical parameters at telescope site to monitor turbulence, seeing, etc.
  • Used-in: ESO FITS keywords for observations at Paranal , etc .
  • Discussion: Some of these parameters are general, some have a very specific definition for the assment of physical conditions at the telescope's site. Their meaning may be restricted to a the local definition of the measure at the site. In this case , such terms can be branched under obs.atmos.
On the contrary general terms can be branched below phys.*.
  • TBC......

Summary for iteration UCDList1.5 to UCDList1.6

UCD proposal applied as changes for UCDList1.6

Term VEP-UCD link Modification Type Decision
xxx VEP-UCD-yy.txt action approved

UCD proposals rejected and solved

Term VEP-UCD link Suggestion Use instead
xxx   can combine existing UCD  

UCD proposals not solved yet --> for next step

Term VEP-UCD link Modification Type Decision

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