UCD Maintenance Standard/ Proposed Recommendation: Request for Comments

The Maintenance Process for the set of terms defined as IVOA Unified Content Descriptors is defined in this specification in order to allow the UCD list to evolve following the needs of the astronomical community.

  • the web pages where to propose new terms to be included
  • the review process
Latest version of Maintenance For UCDList can be found at:

Reference Interoperable Implementations

The process is illustrated by the modification request page and the various update, comment, and validation steps registred directly on the page.

Actors in the process are : IVOA participants , Semantics Working group chair and vice-chair, UCD maintenance board committee .

Implementations Validators

Illustration for the add-ons of new terms related to Planetary science . / B. Cecconni , S. Erard

see for instance the RFM Page : http://wiki.ivoa.net/twiki/bin/view/IVOA/RFMforUCD

Comments from the IVOA Community during RFC/TCG review period: 2018/09/12 - 2018/10/12

The comments from the TCG members during the RFC/TCG review should be included in the next section.

In order to add a comment to the document, please edit this page and add your comment to the list below in the format used for the example (include your Wiki Name so that authors can contact you for further information). When the author(s) of the document have considered the comment, they will provide a response after the comment.

Additional discussion about any of the comments or responses can be conducted on the WG mailing list. However, please be sure to enter your initial comments here for full consideration in any future revisions of this document

Comments from TCG member during the RFC/TCG Review Period: 2018/10/26 - 2018/11/16

WG chairs or vice chairs must read the Document, provide comments if any (including on topics not directly linked to the Group matters) or indicate that they have no comment.

IG chairs or vice chairs are also encouraged to do the same, althought their inputs are not compulsory.

TCG Chair & Vice Chair

Applications Working Group

Data Access Layer Working Group

Data Model Working Group

The document is clear and straight forward.. no problem there.

My only comment is that the implementations (last 2 cycles of RFM) do not follow this procedure, at least with respect to the naming convention for the twiki pages. The spec says "UCDlist-<version_number>-<date>-RFM" while the 2 most recent are "UCDList1dot42017June2018FebRFM" and the current is "RFMforUCD".

Also, can you clarify for me, the <version_number> is the version of the released UCD list. For example, the current REC is 1.3, so the list being built up as RFM to that list should be in a file named "UCDlist-1_3-<date>-RFM", and the 1.4 list (above) would be updates to a V1.4 Endorsed Note, which does not seem to exist. Do I have this right?

I will approve the document, but would like to see these cleaned up to make it clearer for following the procedure in the future.

Grid & Web Services Working Group

Registry Working Group

I approve of this document. I see the scientific advisory board to Semantics functioning as a less meeting-involved arm of the working group, much as registry maintainers in the RofR ecosystem are often indirectly involved in meetings but necessary for our WG's reference implementations and feedback. Hopefully the change to Endorsed Notes also helps speed up process.

One grammar comment for the introduction: Singular "they" would be more natural in English here and more inclusive, over "he/she". -- TheresaDower - 2018-10-29

Semantics Working Group

Data Curation & Preservation Interest Group

Education Interest Group

Knowledge Discovery in Databases Interest Group

Solar System Interest Group

Theory Interest Group

Time Domain Interest Group


Standards and Processes Committee

TCG Vote : Vote_start_date - Vote_end_date

If you have minor comments (typos) on the last version of the document please indicate it in the Comments column of the table and post them in the TCG comments section above with the date.

Group Yes No Abstain Comments
DM *     would like to see the implementations cleaned up to make following the procedure easier in the future

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