IVOA Member Organizations

Acronym VO Project/Country Primary Contact
NOVA Argentina Virtual Observatory Sebastian Gurovich
ArVO Armenian Virtual Observatory Areg Mickaelian
AstroGrid Virtual Observatory United Kingdom Andy Lawrence
Aus-VO Australian Virtual Observatory Andreas Wicenec
BRAVO Brazilian Virtual Observatory Rafael Santos
China-VO Chinese Virtual Observatory Chenzhou Cui
ChiVO Chile Virtual Observatory Maurico Solar
CVO Canadian Virtual Observatory David Schade
ESA-VO ESA-VO Christophe Arviset
EURO-VO European Virtual Observatory Françoise Genova
GAVO German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory Joachim Wambsganss
HVO Hungarian Virtual Observatory István Csabai
JVO Japanese Virtual Observatory Masatoshi Ohishi
OV-France Observatoire Virtuel France Françoise Genova
RVO Russian Virtual Observatory Oleg Malkov
SA3 South Africa Astroinformatics Alliance Patricia Whitelock
SVO Spanish Virtual Observatory Enrique Solano
UkrVO Ukrainian Virtual Observatory Irina Vavilova
USVOA US Virtual Observatory Alliance Pepi Fabbiano
VO-India Virtual Observatory India Ajit Kembhavi
VObs.it Italian Virtual Observatory Fabio Pasian

See also the members page on ivoa.net: IVOA Members.

IVOA Interoperability

The main areas in which the IVOA needs to define standards to ensure the interoperability of the different VirtualObservatory projects currently underway were defined at the meeting in Seattle on 9-10 Jan 2003 (VOEvent has been added as of 22 Nov 2004). Those areas were:

Area Page Mailing list Chair Vice Chair
Working Groups:        
Applications IvoaApplications apps@ivoa.net TomDonaldson RaffaeleDAbrusco
Data Access Layer IvoaDAL dal@ivoa.net FrancoisBonnarel MarcoMolinaro
Data Model IvoaDataModel dm@ivoa.net MarkCresitelloDittmar LaurentMichel
Grid & Web Services IvoaGridAndWebServices grid@ivoa.net BrianMajor GiulianoTaffoni
Registry IvoaResReg registry@ivoa.net MarkusDemleitner TheresaDower
Semantics IvoaSemantics semantics@ivoa.net MireilleLouys AlbertoAccomazzi
Interest Groups:
Data Curation&Preservation IvoaDCP datacp@ivoa.net AndreSchaaff TimJenness
Education Edu edu@ivoa.net ChenzhouCui HendrikHeinl
Knowledge Discovery in Databases IvoaKDD kdd@ivoa.net KaiLarsPolsterer n/a
Theory IvoaTheory theory@ivoa.net CarlosRodrigo n/a
Time Domain IvoaVOEvent voevent@ivoa.net AdaNebot DaveMorris
Operations IvoaOps ops@ivoa.net TomMcGlynn MarkTaylor
Solar System IvoaSS ssig@ivoa.net BaptisteCecconi  
Other Groups / Committees:
Technical Coordination Group IvoaTCG tcg@ivoa.net MatthewGraham PatrickDowler
Liaison Committee     MasatoshiOhishi  
Standing Committee on Science Priorities IvoaSciencePriorities   BrunoMerin  
Standing Committee on Standards & Processes IvoaStdsDocsProc stdproc@ivoa.net ChristopheArviset  

Note: the mailing list archives can be viewed and the lists subscribed to at http://ivoa.net/forum/. Lists can be searched here.

See the Policy on IVOA Working Group/Interest Group Chairs and Vice Chairs for an explanation of the role of Chairs and Vice-chairs.

WG/IG Groups Contacts

In order to contact the Chairs of WGs and IGs, the following exploders can be used:


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