IVOA Roadmap for 2024A

This outlines the roadmap for development activities by the various IVOA working and interest groups between the May and November 2024 Interops.

Applications WG

Standards and Related:

  • Get VOTable 1.5 approved and start planning for 1.6 (support for Parquet)
  • Evolution of MOC adding frequency axis to MOC
  • Follow integration of VO-Standards and comon applications into science platform
  • Apps support for P3T prototyping
  • Migrate HiPS and SAMP documents to Github
  • Clean up applications WG wiki pages.
  • Support open development in <a href="https://wiki.ivoa.net/twiki/bin/edit/IVOA/PyVO?topicparent=IVOA.2023BRoadmap;nowysiwyg=0" rel="nofollow" title="PyVO (this topic does not yet exist; you can create it)"> PyVO </a> (release 1.6)
  • Continue the support for MIVOT integration in <a href="https://wiki.ivoa.net/twiki/bin/edit/IVOA/PyVO?topicparent=IVOA.2023BRoadmap;nowysiwyg=0" rel="nofollow" title="PyVO (this topic does not yet exist; you can create it)"> PyVO </a>
  • Maintenance, new features? Organize meetings with developers, mainteners, users
  • Maintain votable parsing in Astropy core (add support for VOTable 1.5)

Data Access Layer WG


  • TAP

    • 1.2 - User managed persistent tables + Experiment with Open API spec (context: P3T)

  • DALI

    • Polygon definition clarification

    • PR-1.2 by Malta

  • ADQL

    • WD-2.2 by Malta (PEG grammar only)

  • SODA

    • return extended metadata

    • New transformation types

    • WD-1.1 by Malta

  • SIA

    • Issue errata for minor issues already noted in GitHub

  • SSA

    • Issue errata for minor issues already noted in GitHub

  • DAP (Data Access Protocol)

    • SIAP-2.0 into DAP

    • Gregory D.-F. become the 2nd Editor with Pat D.

    • Proceed with renaming, expansion of supported data product types

    • Miscellaneous changes

    • WD-1.0 by Malta

  • User Defined Functions catalogue

    • Ready to be endorsed

  • Conesearch

    • Modernize required UCDs (UCD 1.0-> UCD 1+)


    • Allow services to reject unknown parameters (work to be covered by P3T)

    • WD-1.1 by Malta (PR pending validators and implementations)

  • LineTAP

    • Work to continue

    • Status about client and server implementations

    • Raise PRec once implementations ready

  • ObjObsSAP

    • Work to continue
    • WD-1.0 by Malta

  • ADQL

    • 2.3 - INTERVAL support, MOC support, Array support, string functions, OFFSET

Data Model WG

Grid and Web Services WG

  • Execution Broker (previously known as Execution Planner)
Consolidated Working Draft at


Prototype in development by Dave Morris, expected for Malta, following the P3T new convention

  • UWS
Working on a new version of UWS, to work in coordination with a new TAP server implementation, in line with P3T effort, using OpenAPI

  • VOSpace

New draft 2.2 was delayed as per P3T new efforts. This version will include - Simplified transfer negotiation - Improved recursive operations - Simplified quotas

  • SSO

New draft 2.1 or 3.0 is being evaluated. SaraBertocco has the lead on this activity

Registry WG

    • Continue developing and maintaining the new PyVO Registry search and discovery API: following up the thematic session in Tucson, a new pyvo.discover submodule is being reviewed before integration in PyVO (cf https://github.com/astropy/pyvo/pull/470)
    • Continue work on “Linking capabilities with tablesets”: carry out discussions to find best solutions following meeting (cf https://wiki.ivoa.net/internal/IVOA/202404InteropRegistry/IVOA_Reg_RM20240506.pdf) and talk in Sydney (cf https://wiki.ivoa.net/internal/IVOA/202404InteropRegistry/InterOpMay2024Reg_linking_capabilities_tablesets.pdf)
    • Facilitate discovery of data collections by product type (eg “time series”): the new element productTypeServed is being added in VODataService ’s DataResource type (cf https://github.com/ivoa-std/VODataService)
    • RegTAP -1.2 implementation at NAVO: NAVO data publishers starts filling in the coverage information as MOCs in their publishing registries. MAST will make plans to begin implementing RegTAP -1.2 (end of 2024) in its Full Searchable Registry.

    • VOResource-1.2 (editor: MD)
      • Status: PR, currenlty in RFC at https://wiki.ivoa.net/twiki/bin/view/IVOA/RegTAP12RFC
    • StandardsRegExt -1.1 (editor: RS)
      • https://github.com/ivoa-std/StandardsRegExt
      • Status: ready to go for PR
    • DocRegExt -1.0 (editor: MD)
      • https://github.com/ivoa-std/DocRegExt
      • Status: currently WD
    • VODataService -1.3 (editor: MD)
      • https://github.com/ivoa-std/VODataService
      • Status: work in progress - adding a productTypeServed element to DataService

    • Curation and Validation: Following up the Registry spring cleaning talk at Sydney, we’re going to discuss about plans to setup a hackathon to correct Registry issues
    • On-boarding Effort: Prepare a workshop (possibly 2-3 days just before an Interop meeting) to discuss and disseminate best practices for registry publishing
    • Continue involvement with DCP IG, esp. on the note “Data Origin and the VO” https://www.ivoa.net/documents/DataOrigin/
    • Continue discussing whether/how does cloud information belong in the registry and how to register information about multiple locations for finding data e.g., on-prem or on S3.

Semantics WG

  • ObsFacility: propose draft vocabulary + publish IVOA note(s) see 2022 presentation
  • EPNcore: Prepare lists of terms in vocabularies (directly RDF/XML). See EPNTAP REC and EPNTAPV20RFC
  • IHDEA: Coordination on helio reference frames and work on VEP.
  • UCDList RFM 1.6 : simplify process + UCD as a IVOA vocabulary
  • Linked-data exploration : onto-portal prototype (UAT, DCAT, RDF Graph on small subset of Registry/epncore/datalink resources)
  • Product-type vocabulary: still some work to do before we converge…

Data Curation Preservation IG

  • Provide a DOI reference note - (to improve Data citation)
  • Promote Data Origin (see http://ivoa.net/documents/DataOrigin/) to working Group (DALI?) in order to have a basic Provenance in the VO
  • Investigate standard used in scientific community: eg DCAT. Make the bridge with Open Science

Education IG

Knowledge Discovery IG

Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models in the VO:
- Coordinating an IVOA, inter-group "tiger team" that will scope the current and future potential impact of AI on VO.
- Investigating best practices of building AI-ready datasets for developing Astronomical LLM and foundation models.
- Collecting use cases and requirements for the integration of LLMs in the VO context.

ML-proofing existing and science platforms:
- Investigating where existing astronomy science platforms conpatible with ML methods.
- Investigate whether science platforms can access tabular and non-tabular data through VO interfaces.
- Coordinating science platforms for bringing ML/AI methods to data.

Operations IG

Radio IG

  • Work on remaining issues in the ObsCore Extension For Radio Data now that it has reached PR status (together with DM WG)
    • Help out with working out how to combine multiple ObsCore extension, like those proposed for time domain and high energy
  • Coordinate work on implementations
    • Need at least one other implementation not based on DaCHs?
  • Continue work on Pulsar Radio data Note in collaboration with TDIG
  • Restart work on version 2 of the implementation review note once more ObsCore extension implementations exist

Solar System IG

The next roadblock to knock down for planetary data inside and outside of IVOA: Standard Vocabularies; Standard Vocabularies; Standard Vocabularies...

The goal should be to coordinate with the related activities in planetary archives, repositories, and journals to avoid having to deal with the translation and "cross-walk" problems of other disciplines by establishing permanent reference services now.

Because planetary data in particular, and solar system more generally, has an abundance of both small data sets and unique, effectively unreproducable data sets (from remote sensing missions) that take half a career or longer to obtain, citation is a high priority for the community. The chair will be actively participating in:
  • DOI Note for IVOA
  • Discussions with authors and journal publishers regarding best practices for citing data.

Time Domain IG

Standard and Processes

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