Chair: Nic Walton

Introductory talks, 5 min presentation (including questions) per WG and IG

Speaker TitleSorted ascending File Time
WG/IG presentations      
Gerard Lemson IG Theory [.ppt] 11:20-11:25
Mark Allen WG Applications [.pdf] 10.30-10.35
Masatoshi Ohishi IG Astro-RG   11:15-11:20
Bob Hanisch IG Data CP   11:25-11:30
Keith Noddle WG DAL [.pdf] 10:40-10:45
Mireille Louys WG DM [.ppt] [.pdf] 10:35-10:40
Matthew Graham WG G&WS [.pdf] 10:50-10:55
Ray Plante WG Registry [.pdf] 11:00-11:05
  WG Semantics   11:05-11:10
Roy Williams WG Events [.ppt] 10:45-10:50
Pedro Osuna WG Query Language (VOQL) [.ppt] 10:55-11:00
Francois Ochsenbein WG Tables (VOTable) [.ppt] 11:10-11:15

Plenary 2, Friday 28 Sep 2007

Speaker Title File Time
WG/IG presentations      
Mark Allen WG Applications [.pdf] 15.15-15.20
Mireille Louys WG DM [.pdf] 15:20-15:25
Keith Noddle WG DAL [.pdf] 15:25-15:30
Roy Williams WG Events [.ppt] 15:30-15:35
Matthew Graham WG G&WS [.pdf] 15:35-15:40
Alex Szalay WG Query Language (VOQL) [.ppt] 15:40-15:45
Ray Plante WG Registry [.pdf] 15:45-15:50
Francois Ochsenbein WG Tables (VOTable) [.pdf] 15:50-15:55
Gerard Lemson IG Theory [.ppt] 15:55-16:00
Bob Hanisch IG Data CP   16:00-16:05
Dave De Young Closing Remarks & Thanks [.ppt] 16:05-16:15

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