IVOA TCG Telecon - Tue, 05 Feb 2019 @21:00 UTC via WebEx

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Ada, Guiliano, Kai, Laurent, Pierre, Mark CD, Brian, Tom, Marco, Mirelle, Pat, Raffaele, Tim, Tom M, Tom D, Jim, Francesca, Mark A, Theresa, Christophe, Janet

Mtg notes added below: Added meeting discussion to agenda items in italics; added actions in red, added status to WG/IG sections below if not filled in prior to meeting (in italics) - anyone is welcome to update/correct. Add an update line in the section above with your initials.


  • Regrets for not attending: C Cui, M Taylor, D Morris, A Schaaf
  • TCG Charter review:
    • Lots of new people, let’s remind ourselves of the key points of the charter. Pointer to the doc:
    • Discussion:
      • Section 2 Objectives are important
      • Some points in charter should be reviewed/updated:
        • Technical assessment has fallen off - evaluate
        • No mention of the CSP - review CSP charter
        • No mention of the Architecture Doc - evaluate
      • ** Action: JE/PD action to review and suggest updates to TCG charter, then follow through
  • Roadmap review 2018B:
  • Working Draft/PR/RFC Status/Outlook going forward
  • IVOA Architecture Document update status
    • Several standards on overview chart have incomplete status & haven't changed since 2010
    • Discussion: PD update on arch doc work
      • noted that he has converted the existing doc to ivoatex; no commits yet, working on the skeleton
      • Next step is to put it in Volute
      • There will be sections for each WG
      • Dispositions on the above list:
        • ApplicationRegExt (TD: revisit), ObsProvDM (MCD: Provenance work), Utypes (superceded by VOVML?), PQL (lost interest, branch of tap 1.0?), SimDAL (PD: ecomendation now), FAP (delete)
      • ** Action: PD/JE - kick off the effort Architecture doc effort and distribute tasks to team
  • Positions opening in May - Discussion: Agreed this is the list folkd expected
    • DataModel: Mark Cresitello-Dittmar - Ch (no ext.), Laurent Michel (no ext.)
    • GWS: Brian Major - Ch (no ext.), Giuliano Taffoni - VCh (no ext.)
    • Semantics: Mireille Louys - Ch (no ext.)
    • Theory: Carlos Rodrigo (I yr. ext.)
    • Ops: Tom McGlynn - Ch (no ext.), Mark Taylor (no ext.)
  • Review Actions
    • See list below
  • AOB


Document Submission Logs (since last Interop)

date document id version initiator i/w group action
1.1 Markus Demleitner Note published

Previous Actions:

  • ACTION-F0518-3: FG - Ensure that the important IVOA standards are in the RDA registry of standards (Note added 11/18 - DCP?/Registry?). OPEN
  • ACTION-F0518-4: MCD - Produce documentation on how the models relate and how to get started with certain use cases. OPEN
  • ACTION-F0518-8: DM/PD - Prototype hosting a document standard and issue tracking in GitHub. WORKING
  • ACTION-F0518-13: MD/FG - make an official proposal of the IVOA Architecture document. DONE, Approved by Exec

New Actions

  • ActionT0219-1: JE/PD action to review and suggest updates to TCG charter, then follow through
  • ActionT0219-2: PD - send email to review and consider ObsCore/STC errata at next telecon
  • ActionT0219-3: MM - Ask Giulia to remove VOEvent/VODML from active column - DONE
  • ActionT0219-4: TD - Identify people to make VOEvent changes and rewrite VoEventRegExt,
  • ActionT0219-5: PD/JE - kick off the Architecture doc effort effort and distribute tasks to team
  • ActionT2019-6: PD/JE: Ask TCG to transfer links to new Publishing on the VO doc when time is right


WG/Apps (TD/RD)

  • Python - NAVO/AstroQuery workshop at AAS
  • Looking for VITable 1.4 comments asap
    • thanks to Markus, Ada, Mark T for helping move this forward
    • Timesys needs particular attention in review


  • TAP-1.1: progressing to new PR/RFC with agreement on authenticated endpoints solution, expected REC by/near Paris
    • implementations, client authenticated proof and validation ready
  • ADQL-2.1: xtype="region" solution identified, no clear deadline for RFC/REC
    • however path forward for DALI xtypes for polymorphism and complex shapes not yet agreed upon (need use case support/identification WRT tessellation/MOC)
  • DALI-1.2: foreseen revision, see DALI-1.1 Next page, but needs more discussion to reach agreement
  • DataLink-1.1: revision will start in a short while, report in Paris
  • (private communication from A. Micol) SODA-1.0 "typo-level?" erratum on UCD in the document (MM will issue in a few days)
  • re-check on SLAP-2.0, ObsLocTAP & ObjVisSAP with authors (no issues foreseen)
  • Service Weather report on DAL protocol "SHOULD"s: collected data providers view, need to report (here, e.g.)
  • polygon CCW: modelling seems solved (errata in other WGs), data providers side, how to proceed?
  • EU H2020 ASTERICS A&A Meeting in Trieste: helped in progressing the above, GWS may have more to say about.


  • Errata:
    • ObsCore-1.1 and STC-1.33 pages created and discussed.. ready for TCG vote.
  • Coords:
    • Document delivered to WG (Nov 30)
    • Some discussion and feedback from several members through Dec/Jan.
    • Have list of actions/changes to fold into a new draft (Feb)
  • Transform:
    • Worked this next to support collaborative project implementing the model
    • Have gotten review/feedback from extended author list - 8 new
    • Restored 'deleted' operation types; added workflow management objects.
    • On 'final' iterations for delivery to full WG (Feb)
  • Meas:
    • Opened discussion on Modeling Velocities (Dec)
    • Had some iteration with Arnold and Steve on the representations of Proper Motion and Radial Velocity.
    • Consideration of this leads to a probable change in the Coords model 'short-cuts', which is one of the action items there.
    • Markus has some other input on representing velocities (derivatives)
  • Prov:
    • assessment of compromise model on implementations raised several concerns
    • significant iteration and rework made during Dec to retain compromise model 'spirit' while minimizing the impact on implementations so their deadlines can be met.
    • New model diagram due soon.
  • SSDL-2.0
    • Volute space with WD and VO-DML products announced to working group today.
  • Time Domain
    • got Coords model feedback.
    • promised new Mapping serializations of all their example files; NOT DONE (resource issue)


  • Two errata on VOSI 1.1 in progress: https://wiki.ivoa.net/twiki/bin/view/IVOA/VOSI-1_1-Errata
  • VOSI best practices note: initial content from Tom McGlynn
  • GWS Telecon on Jan 16, one more before Paris interop
  • Removal of UWSRegExt, solution found where it is not involved
  • Looking for recommendations on using OAuth from the command line
  • Looking at OAuth as a supported Credential Delegation mechanism
  • Group Membership Service: feedback received, document evolving. Second WD by May.
  • Science Platforms: encouraging communities to continue prototypes and looking for opportunities for standardization
  • XML Schema Versioning - issues to be addressed

WG/Registry (ThD/PLS)

  • RegTAP 1.1 - working reference implmentation
  • VODataService 1.2 - working with TDIG (Henrik leading); present at Interop
  • Time Domain - plan to get in touch with folks
  • Operations - Validations

WG/Semantics (ML/MD)

  • ML had no voice on telecon / See 2018B Roadmap

IG/Data Curation & Preservation (AS/TJ)

  • Working IVOA notes on DOI usage

IG/Education (CC/HH)

  • Henrik noted they were planning a Intro to the IVOA session before the Interop
    • Review bascis - acronyms, standards, tutorial
    • Planning for Sunday afternoon - probably in parallel with TCG/Exec mtgs


  • No dedicated meeting at Fall Interop
  • Organizing one for upcoming meeting
    • Planning to present anntaion of projected spaces for spatial/temporal as an example

IG/Ops (TM/MT)

  • New Doc - Publishing in the VO - review and more feedback??
    • Working to complete draft for Spring Interop
    • PD notes that there will be a task to transfer linkss to tools/utilities from old to new page
  • Action: PD/JE: Ask TCG to transfer links to new Publishing on the VO doc when time is right

IG/Solar System (BC/SJ)

  • Handle STC for planetary coord systems - talk/discussion at next interop

IG/Theory (CR)

Status: not attending


    • Note defining the metadata to characterise time proposing the TIMESYS element to be added to VOTable. NOTE-timesysnote-1.1-20181212
    • Worked together with Apps to add this TIMESYS element in VOTable 1.4. VOTable1.4 Draft
    • Discussion over "ref" as a mandatory field or optional is now open. This is done in Apps.
    • A minimum vocabulary needs to be set for the reference position. Action on AN through the TDIG and Semantics mailing lists.
  • Time Series model
    • The part of the model describing time is described by the Coordinates model (see Working draft) -- Feedback was given to DMGW on that.
  • Time Series serialisation
  • VOEvent:
    • Discussion over "ref" as a mandatory field or optional is now open.
    • How to get feedback from preference of data providers?
  • Time Series model & serialization
    • Dependance on other models slows the process.
    • Observed process for other models is not encouraging.
    • Understanding the limit between model and serialization is not straight forward. What goes where? Need to see both model and serializations to understand if all the information needed is existing somewhere.
    • Need to have some serialization examples based on VO-DML (at least first attempts). Who is doing that?
    • Serialization based on utypes: list of utypes needs to be built (last interop some mistakes were found) and shared with the TDIG.
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