DM work package : Photometry

  • coordination : J.Salgado (ESAC) and M.Louys (CDS)


update of the model to provide a vo-DML representation / description of the classes and their dependencies.

The Model has been coded in Modelio 3.8.1, using the curent ivoa template model for the vodml basic elements. (M.Louys)

Details of the update work is provided in the presentation page here : PhotTranslationVodml


Please check the discussion page at PhotDiscussion and provide your comments and suggestions.

+ Use Cases for Photometric metadata A set of Use-cases provided by the Take-up Committee on 2009, Nov 13rd after the Garching Interoperability meeting can be browsed here UseCase

+ Discussion on the basic concepts of a Photometry data model

Documents attached below gather suggestions on how to represent Photometric metadata and tackles the problem of SED representations.

Latest IVOA WD for Photometry Data Model (Calibration) is present at: IVOA Photometry DM v1.0

+ Photometry DM UML


+ Photometry Points and SED representations On going drafts for SEDs and representation of photometric points are also available at Jonathan's page:

Gathering photometry information for catalog is covered in :

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PDFpdf NOTE-PPDMDesc-0.1-20101202.pdf manage 129.5 K 2010-12-03 - 17:36 SebastienDerriere Photometric Data Measurements Descriptions
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PDFpdf SEDDM-20101125.pdf manage 51.9 K 2010-11-30 - 13:06 MireilleLouys Note on SED Data Model by jcm
PDFpdf WD-PhotDM-0.2-20101129.pdf manage 241.6 K 2010-11-30 - 22:54 MireilleLouys Photometry data model WD by J. Salgado et al.
Microsoft Word filedoc WD-PhotDM-0.3-20110509.doc manage 857.5 K 2011-05-09 - 14:56 JesusSalgado IVOA WD Photometry DM v0.3 doc version
PDFpdf WD-PhotDM-0.3-20110509.pdf manage 536.3 K 2011-05-09 - 14:11 JesusSalgado IVOA WD Photometry DM v0.3
Microsoft Word filedoc WD-PhotDM-0.3-20110511.doc manage 807.5 K 2011-05-15 - 09:48 JesusSalgado IVOA WD Photometry DM v0.3 updated doc version
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