+ Use Cases for Photometric metadata UseCase Here a set of Use-cases provided by the Take-up Committee on 2009, Nov 13rd after the Garching Interoperability meeting . ( provided by Paolo Padovani, David Schade, and coll.) +++ A. Catalogue Access and Photometry metadata

This class of service is to provide tables of information derived from catalogues.

It will be necessary, in some cases, to query metadata describing the catalogue content (e.g. type of objects in the catalogues, precision of measurements, types of measurements in the catalogue, Bmag, position, etc) (Registry?)

Take cases from ObsTap doc

  1. Show me all data that satisfies
    1. Datatype =IFU
    2. Data Quality=Fully Calibrated
    3. Object Class=quasar
    4. Redshift > 3
    5. Radio Flux > 1mJy
  2. Show me a list of all data that satisfies
    1. Emission line width Halpha > 2000 km/sec FWHM
    2. Ha/Hbeta > 3.5
  3. Given COSMOS (or other survey) X-Ray source catalogue give me all the sources
    1. with photo Z > X,
    2. and spiral galaxy counterpart and
    3. produce radio-to-X-ray SED and display them
  4. Given a list of Abell clusters,
    1. give me all their Chandra images with time exposure >X,
    2. after I select regions occupied by the diffuse emission, give me all the Chandra point sources in these regions,
    3. and find their redshift (I want to find background quasars because I am interested in lensing and I have no idea where to go to find z).
    4. For the quasars, give me high resolution (<0.5") optical and radio images, and build SEDs
  5. Find me all the variable Chandra sources with optical counterpart and redshift.
    1. If redshift is not available, give me an SED to compare with source templates
    2. I also would like to run a tool or obtain a library of such templates from a theory database, which I expect the VO to provide.
    3. My aim is to separate stars from variable quasars. END OF CASES FROM ObsTap cases
  6. Show me a list of all catalogues
    1. That cover this RA,DEC
    2. Have Bmag, Imag, infrared K mags
    3. Have positional errors < 1 arcsec in RA,DEC
  7. Locate and show me all of the all-sky catalogues of object types that goes to Bmag=21
    1. Show me all of the parameters (merged list) in these catalgoues
    2. Let me select one of these catalogues and give me Bmag,redshift, object type
  8. In this region of the sky (RA,DEC,radius) show me all of the catalogues that cover this region
    1. Let me select 3 of these catalogues and let me overplot all of these points (with different colours for each catalogue) on the deepest Imag image that covers the entire region
    2. Let me select one object and send this RA,DEC to ObsTAP service to retrieve images from X-Ray to Radio
    3. OR (instead of b.: let me select an object and show me an SED of that object)

+++ B. Use Cases for SED search, access and display

This class of service is intended to query to find and access spectra and photometric data and to use those data to build and display Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs). These data need to be fully calibrated and have complete metadata.

  1. Any photometric data must be displayed on a graphical display on a common baseline in flux units with display tools
  2. I want to get all spectra and photo data on a given source
  3. I want to estimate photometric redshifts on a class of objects (I have list of RA,DEC)
    1. Photometry with errors
    2. Need aperture info
    3. Absolute photometric calibration
    4. Transmission curves of filters
    5. Effective wavelength/ and other calibration information
  4. I have a nearby galaxy that has AGN need to separate nuclear and total mag
    1. I need large aperture photometry and small aperture
    2. Need resolution of each aperture for each instrument
    3. UV to FIR photometric points
  5. I want to retrieve photometry for a list of all E galaxies where I have UV, optical, and IR data
  6. See Use Cases on SDSS
  7. I want all photometry with apertures radius > 1 which has
    1. Error < 10% in all bands
    3. With 19 < Imag < 27

+++ C. Search by Source Class Type

This class of service intends to provide access to sources by class (galaxy, star, quasar, etc)

  1. See B 1-4 above
  2. Give me a list of all E galaxies within radius 10 degrees of RA,DEC
    1. Give me RA,DEC, Bmag, classification, name of source of classification
  3. Locate the most reliable and complete all-sky catalogue of quasars
  4. Give me all existing objects and their classifications and source catalogue name at position RA,DEC

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