The primary goal of this set of sessions will be to sign off on V1.0 of Registry schemas and Registry interface. We will also discuss whether to make these two and the current Registry Metadata document into a single standard.

Sessions and their agenda will be posted here nearer the meeting date.


Session Date Topic Leader Talks Speaker
Open Plenary Mon
    Registry goals etc (pdf) Tony
1 Tue
Services DM RayPlante Basic VOResource changes (ppt) Ray Plante
  VOServices (see previous) Ray Plante
2 Tue
Applications DM PaulHarrison VOApplications (pdf)  
3-4 Thu
Registry Interface KevinBenson (pdf)  
Registry Extensions TonyLinde VOResource schema: Security method (ppt) RayPlante
  Registry granularity
incl DataCollection (ppt)
RayPlante & KevinBenson
  Using CEA parameter structure (done on Tues) PaulHarrison
  Publishing to VO document (here) RayPlante
5-6 Thu
New Resource Types TonyLinde Outreach images (pdf) BobHanisch
  VOEvent (ppt) MatthewGraham
  Simulations (pdf) SebastienDerriere
Planning & Roadmap TonyLinde    
Close Plenary Fri
    Registry roadmap etc (pdf) Tony



Session 1

VOResource basic changes

  • Timestamp on created, updated
    • xs:dateTime instead of <date>
    • Drop 'Z': assume UTC
    • AGREED
    • also AGREED that both elements should be mandatory
  • Relationships
    • Define new relationships types in extension schema
      • Use xsi:type
      • NOT AGREED
    • Will add list of keywords for rel types in doc appendix and registry systems have to code that list validation
      • AGREED
  • Move webservice Interface sub-type to core schema
    • Allows desc of generic ws wo ext schema
    • accessURL is the service endpoint
    • AGREED
  • elementFormDefault="unqualified"
    • All terms look like from same namespace
    • Throws element name into noname ns
  • Changes to resource class names
    • SkyService -> DataService
    • TabularSkyService -> CatalogService
    • AGREED
  • STC integration
    • Contents:
      • stc:STCResourceProfile, footprint, waveband
    • Issues
      • ns is "qualified"
      • Cannot index in same way e.g. for searching
        • Services under dev't
      • Help for authors
    • AGREED
      • But need to develop tools

The issue of the usability of registry interface applications was raised: how easy it was for users (primarily data centre persons) to enter and maintain resource information. It was AGREED that the Registry sessions for the September Interop meeting in Moscow should focus on registry systems usability.

New Service Model

  • Goals
    • Indicate std version
    • Support multiple endpoints
    • Desc non-std i/fs
    • Clarify assoc between service cap metadata and i/f
  • Support for std via standardID
    • Registered as resource
      • Not mandated: use URI
    • Put into RofR
    • Req extension schema
    • AGREED
  • Service with capabilities
    • Structure
    • Finding services
    • Add validationLevel as child of Capability
    • Extra metadata validation reqd
    • AGREED
  • Interface: all content data optional except accessURL
    • Impl may list support for optional or non-std parameters
    • Interface info in std resource record

Session 2


  • Extension rather than 'core'
  • Goals:
    • support app-specific metadata
    • Info on stds & formats
    • Concepts of desktop app, sw lib, apps called as services
  • voStandard
  • Execution environment
    • Platform: generic
    • Subtype
    • Version,
  • Data formats
    • AGREED use MIMEtypes
  • AGREED for Paul to produce WD for VOApplications
    • DEFERRED decision on how to replicate such info across registries to final roadmap discussion (see below)

CEA Applications

  • CEA interface: how to define app asynchronously (not discussed here)
  • App model
  • Features
    • Multiple i/fs
    • Parameters
  • a number of people were interested in developing apps which would register and be able to be discovered using this extension
  • AGREED for Paul to produce WD for CEAApplication extension

Session 3

Registry Interface


  • ADQL searching (with qualified resource schemas)
    • Unqualified ns allows no prefixes so spec needs to change
    • AGREED that Tues discussion re unqualified is ratified
  • ADQL core/extended
    • Core is simple sql with REGION
      • AGREED we will implement restricted set of v1.0 of ADQL core with xpath specification of the elements
    • Extended incl multiple tables, xmatch, etc
      • Not an issue
  • WSDL & RegInterface schema qualified & unqualified
    • WSDL qualified
    • But type section for messages will be unqualified
  • KeywordSearch: boolean orWords
    • AGREED mandatory with default TRUE
  • Xquery
    • Root element: use /RootResource
      • AGREED
      • AGREED that it is Mandatory
    • Tag in schema which says whether registry supports XQuery
      • done
  • Extensions for harvesting and storing
    • AGREED mandatory that all registries MUST return full record as harvested, whether or not it can search on the extension information
  • Xpath
    • Issue of e.g. selecting SIAP resources with maxRecords < 100
    • Where capability/@xsi:type="vr:SimpleImageAccess" AND capability/maxRecords<100
    • Might use keyword SimpleImageAccess or function (CAPABILITY)
    • Not an easy solution so v1.0 will not deal with this
      • Need feedback from those providing relational registries
  • RofR
    • Need to create document
  • Harvesting: sets
    • Allows selection of subset of collection
    • ivo_managed: only those defined in registry
      • Will mostly use this for harvesting
      • AGREED only this one in v1.0
    • Following not in v1.0 spec: registries can try these out
      • ivo_standard: only standard schemas
      • ivo_name that matches resource type
  • Registering standards
    • Schema still under discussion

Session 4


  • Prelim on securityMethod
    • AGREED
    • Interpreted as AND

  • AGREED VOResource core must be searchable by all registries
  • AGREED every registry MUST return full record for any resource
  • AGREED flag against registry allowsExtendedSearch which indicates that registry is searchable on any extension schema element as well as core
  • AGREED that column metadata will include utype string as an optional element which may be used in the future for data model pointers

  • Data collections
    • Esp important for VizieR
    • AGREED that concept should be developed into v1.0 spec
    • Need to know size of catalog: coverage.objectCount is in RM
      • But also need to know nr rows in tables for data collection so need element for that

Session 5

Outreach Images

  • Very fine-grained metadata
    • Re image, video etc
  • Aimed at compatibility with existing registry info
  • ?relation to Semantics work
    • Different taxonomies?
  • Propose
    • Do not try to dissect document
    • Provide support from registry workgroup
    • Will recommend they publish doc as IVOA Note
    • Recommend that Semantics group take account of controlled vocab
    • Will work with group to develop outreach collection schema and get their collections registered as VO resources


  • Work on registry extensions from VOEvent group
  • Matthew presented overview of VOEvent
  • Registry use cases
    • Tell me about author, publisher, repository (each is ivorn)
    • Which publisher has this author
    • Which repository has this publisher
  • New types:
    • Publisher
      • List of authors (cF managedAuthority)
      • Subscription interface
        • Transport protocol
        • Endpoint
        • User account/anonymous
    • Repository
      • List of publishers (cF managedAuthority)
      • Query interface
        • Endpoint
        • SEAP (simple event ..)

Publishing to the VO


  • How to register
    • Datasets resulting from big simulations
    • Theoretical online service
    • Application/code/library that can be downloaded and run locally
  • Registration issues
    • Need correct metadata tags
      • Esp for searching
    • Restricted vocab for tags
    • Currently: <Type>Simulation</Type>
      • Can be multiple
  • Simulated datasets
    • Similar to observed data but:
      • Position optional
      • Metadata about how sim data obtained
    • Adapt existing resource types
      • E.g. SIA wo posiitons
    • CAN we use same types?
  • Simulation service
    • CEAApplication type
  • Theory IG discussions
    • Defining use cases:
      • What questions will they ask of the registry
    • Defining vocabulary (see slides)
  • Nothing to agree at this stage but RECOMMENDED
    • Theory group to define SimulatedService type
    • Which can then take standard capabilities
      • E.g. SIA, skynode etc

Session 6: Roadmap

Action When Who
RM v1.1
Submit to REC 31-May-2006 Tony
VOIdentifier v1.1
Submit to REC 31-May-2006 Tony
RI v1.0
Create new draft 31-May-06 Kevin
get comments on draft 16-Jun-06  
revise draft 23-Jun-06 Kevin
release as WD 1.0 30-Jun-06  
produce implementations 31-Jul-06  
get comments and revise 11-Aug-06  
release to PR 1.0 11-Aug-06 Tony
get comments 25-Aug-06  
revise spec 31-Aug-06 Kevin
submit to exec 01-Sep-06 Tony
Release VOResource v1.0
Create new draft schema 27-May-06 Ray
create draft document WD 1.0 27-May-06 Ray
get comments on drafts 10-Jun-06  
revise drafts 17-Jun-06 Ray
implementations & revision 11-Aug-06  
release to PR 1.0 11-Aug-06 Tony
get comments 25-Aug-06  
revise spec 31-Aug-06 Ray
submit to exec 01-Sep-06 Tony
Deploy implementation 31-Jul-06 Ray
Document in Note 31-Aug-06 Ray
Release VODataService & extensions v1.0
Create new draft schema 27-May-06 Ray
get comments on draft 31-Aug-06  
implementations & revision 31-Aug-06  
revise drafts 15-Sep-06 Ray
create draft document WD 1.0 15-Sep-06 Ray
get comments and revise WD 29-Sep-06  
release to PR 1.0 02-Oct-06 Tony
get comments 13-Oct-06  
revise spec 20-Oct-06 Ray
submit to exec 31-Oct-06 Tony
VOApplication v1.0
Create new draft schema 30-Jun-06 Paul
get comments on draft 31-Aug-06  
implementations & revision 31-Aug-06  
revise drafts 15-Sep-06 Paul
create draft document WD 1.0 15-Sep-06 Paul
get comments and revise WD 29-Sep-06  
release to PR 1.0 02-Oct-06 Tony
get comments 13-Oct-06  
revise spec 20-Oct-06 Paul
submit to exec 31-Oct-06 Tony
CEAApplication v1.0
Create new draft schema 30-Jun-06 Paul
get comments on draft 31-Aug-06  
implementations & revision 30-Oct-06  
revise drafts 17-Nov-06 Paul
create draft document WD 1.0 17-Nov-06 Paul
get comments and revise WD 30-Nov-06  
release to PR 1.0 01-Dec-06 Tony
get comments 15-Dec-06  
revise spec 22-Dec-06 Paul
submit to exec 25-Dec-06 Tony

May 2007 Interop: discussions
VOEvent schema extensions
Simulation schema extensions
VOSpace schema extensions
VOStandard extensions
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