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Registry Working Group WP3 (Metadata Specifications)

VOResource v1.0



The Specification Document

The following document is the current internal draft of the specification that will go through the IVOA standards process.

External Working Draft
VOResource: an XML Encoding Schema for Resource Metadata, Version 1.01
Discussion: VOResourceV10Disc

Internal Working Draft
VOResource: an XML Encoding Schema for Resource Metadata, Version 1.02, 20061030
Discussion: VOResourceV10Disc

The Schema

External Working Draft
The VOResource Schema: VOResource-v1.0r9.xsd

Internal Working Draft
The VOResource Schema: VOResource-v1.02r1.xsd

NOTE: Looking for all current extension schemas compatible with the latest version of the core VOResource schema? Refer to RegUpgradeSummer2006.

Sample Instance Documents

These examples have been verified against v1.0r9 using Xerces. To verify, place VOResource-v1.0.xsd into the same directory as instance document.

Sample Java Classes

As a further test, Java classes for this schema were successfully generated using Axis' wsdl2java; the results can be found in VOResourceJava-r7.zip.

Summary of Changes

  • made status required


  • made validatedBy required
  • vr:AccessURL/@use: removed whitespace restriction, changed back from xs:string to xs:NMTOKEN (in which whitespace collapse is implicit)
  • dropped vr:PaddedURI as equivalent to xs:anyURI
  • dropped vr:PaddedString as equivalent to xs:token


  • integration of STC
  • do not formally control relationshipType names in Schema
  • flexible <date> format, require xs:dateTime on created, updated attributes (re-instated use of union)


  • initial test integration of STC
  • removed use of union in date handling


  • implementation of new Service model (Service with Capabilities)
  • allow extensible relationshipType vocabulary via extension type

R4: For more info, see Kyoto presentation on VOResource v1.0

  • All dates are UTC; encode with new type UTCDateTime
  • Allow string values to be padded with spaces
  • Added "served-by" relationship as requested
  • Added validationLevel element to Resource
  • Various corrections in occurances

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