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Upgrade to Registry Interface v1.0 (Summer/Fall 2006)

Note: This Page is deprecated

Please see RegUpgradeToV10 for the latest details

This page will provide useful information for registry providers regarding the upgrade schedule, upgrade requirements, links to schemas and tools, etc.



Please update this schedule as necessary. The initial dates have been taken from the roadmap described in InterOpMay2006ResReg and are subject to change pending discussion by the WG.

Action When Comments
updated versions schemas 27-May-2006 see schema section below
updated draft of RI spec 31-May-2006 see attachments at RegistryInterface
conversion stylesheet available 13-Jun-2006 see below
comments on schemas, spec from implementers 23-Jun-2006 post to list
"final" update to schemas, RI spec 26-Jun-2006  
updated Registry of registries on-line 01-Jul-2006 (Ray)
early search interface implementation ready 15-Jul-2006 (Kevin)
complete implementations of RI v1.0 31-Jul-2006  
testing period ends 14-Aug-2006  
new registries "turned on" 15-Aug-2006  

Meetings and Discussion

  • Registry Provider Telecon, 14 June 2006: Minutes

Standard Schemas and WSDLs

VOResource Schemas and Example Instances (Release Candidate 11 2006-11-07)

The VOResource core schema is documented in the Working Draft, VOResource: an XML Encoding Schema for Resource Metadata. The current version under review is VOResource-20060530; the associated Schema file is available at http://www.ivoa.net/xml/VOResource/v1.0.

The next candidate release is VOResource-20060620; the associated schema is below.

All of the schemas and examples can be downloaded together: VOResource-v1.0.tar.gz, VOResource-v1.0.zip.

Individual examples:

Schema Sample instances
VOResource-v1.0.xsd organisation.xml
VODataService-v1.0.xsd collection.xml
ConeSearch-v1.0.xsd conesearch.xml
SIA-v1.0.xsd sia.xml
VORegistry-v1.0.xsd registry.xml
VOStandard-v0.1.xsd siastd.xml
OpenSkyNode-v0.2.xsd skynode.xml

Several of the examples use STC which requires stc-v1.30.xsd and xlink.xsd.

Note: Prior to 26 June, several of the schemas had versoins set to 0.9; they have now been elevated to v1.0.

-- RayPlante - 7 Nov 2006

Interface WSDLs

A version 1.0 of the RI spec has been submitted to the IVOA document repository. There is a small errata plus an internal WD waiting in the wings on the RegistryInterface twiki page. Consult this document for examples of how to include VOResource metadata within the interface messages.

The RI specification defines 2 WSDL files--one for the search interface and one for the harvest interface. Both import a common RegistryInterface schema. These are available here:

More info about the RI spec, including getting Kevin's last bundle of WSDLs and Schemas, conult the RegistryInterface page.

Remember: The WSDL/SOAP-based Harvesting interface is optional; if your registry is harvestable, the standard GET-based version of OAI is required.

XSL conversion stylesheets

For v1.02 (Release Cand. 11):

XSL stylesheet for converting v0.10 to v1.0 records.

This stylesheet requires an XSLT 2.0 processor, such as the Saxon engine, available in saxon8-8j.jar. To run, type:

java -jar saxon8-8j.jar resource-v0.10.xml VOResource-v0.10-v1.0.xsl2 > resource-v1.0.xml

where resource-v0.10.xml is the v0.10 resource record to convert.


  • If you notice any problems let RayPlante know
  • I have not yet plugged in support for CEA
  • When you process a registry record, a warning message is generated indicating that you must update certain information "by hand".
  • The created and updated attributes are now required by the VOResource core schema; if they are not set in the input document, a dummy value will be inserted and a warning message generated.

An update of the earlier released XSLTv1.0 stylesheet is also available; however, it does not set namespace declarations properly.

-- RayPlante - 31 Oct 2006

Software Tools and Testers

  • ivoaregistry: a registry search Java library and tester.
    • Download as a zip file: ireg-linux.zip
      • "linux" means the command line wrapper script is for *nix OSes; the Windows version is not yet included.
      • It is pre-built, but can be re-built with ant
      • Requires at least Java 1.5
    • The net.ivoa.registry.search.RegistrySearchClient class provides a Java API to the standard IVOA Registry Search Interface.
    • The regsearch command line tool can be used to test the interface
      • to install, first run "bin/install_tools"
      • see top section of bin/regsearch for usage details
      • it's still a little clunky for using in scripts.

  • Registry of Registries: Preliminary release

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XSL (XML style sheet)xsl VOResource-v0.10-v1.0.xsl r4 r3 r2 r1 manage 95.7 K 2006-10-31 - 14:16 RayPlante for version 1.02
Unknown file formatxsl2 VOResource-v0.10-v1.0.xsl2 r2 r1 manage 100.2 K 2006-12-14 - 18:24 RayPlante for v1.02, requires XSLTv2.0 engine
Unknown file formatgz VOResource-v1.0.tar.gz r4 r3 r2 r1 manage 49.2 K 2006-11-07 - 15:53 RayPlante release candidate 11 (v1.02)
Compressed Zip archivezip VOResource-v1.0.zip r4 r3 r2 r1 manage 62.8 K 2006-11-07 - 15:54 RayPlante release candidate 11 (v1.02)
Compressed Zip archivezip ireg-linux.zip r5 r4 r3 r2 r1 manage 2841.1 K 2006-08-25 - 13:25 RayPlante registry search client library and tester
Unknown file formatjar saxon8.jar r1 manage 3433.3 K 2006-10-31 - 14:19 RayPlante an XSLTv2.0 engine
Texttxt upgrade-telecon-notes.txt r1 manage 5.3 K 2006-06-14 - 20:06 RayPlante minutes from registry provider telecon, 14 June
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