TCG Meeting (online) - Thu, Aug 11 2022 @ 20:00 UTC

  • Attendees :

  • Regrets : Gerard, Gus, Mark Talyor (maybe), Laurant

Meeting details

TCG Meeting - Thu, Aug 11 @20:00 UTC


  • Existing
    • [MD] mail TCG for last quick chance to comment on UAT PEN for endorsement [DONE]
    • [MM] ask IVOADoc to update list of people [DONE]
    • [DM] - integrate code of conduct with IVOA current one and move repo to [ONGOING]
    • [MM] contact Pat Dowler (StdProc) for final solution and step on MOC-2.0/2.1, copy to editors/authors [ONGOING]
    • [MM] contact Stéphane Erard (EPN editor) on shaping RFC for final review and vote [ONGOING]
    • [Apps] to lead start discussion on JSON & XML in VO architecture [??]
    • [MM] investigate update of RFC wiki-template [OPEN]
  • New

Meeting Agenda

(Annotated in Bold with meeting notes after session)

  • 2022A Roadmap - Overviews ... started last mtg
    • This mtg: (PD/AD) Apps, (GT/DM) GWS, (HH/SL) EDU, ML/FB (Radio)
    • Next mtg: (RS/TJ) Reg, (MD/CMZ) Sem, AR/BC (SS), BM/MCD (Tim), GL/ST (Theory)
    • Last mtg: (JD) DAL, (LM) DM, (GLa) DCP & (RDA) KD gave Roadmap overviews - July06 reviews
  • TCG RFC Review
    • Coordinates 1.0 - Up for a Vote this meeting !!
    • EPN-TAP - Up for Vote this meeting !!
    • UAT Note adoption - Endorsed 07/22/22 - No action !!
    • MOC-2.0 REC Fix
      • Status??
      • How to prevent in the future ?? Need a lead.
  • Meeting times going forward?? Accommodate Asia better now that we have TCG members there
    • Alternate between 20UTC and .... maybe 13 UTC??
      • 13 UTC is 11pm Sydney, 9pm china, 6am Victoria/LA, 9am Boston, 3pm Paris, Madrid, Strasbourg, 2pm London
  • Planning the Interop; Oct 18-20 (Tu-Th)
    • Schedule - round the clock or time in one zone??
      • ADASS planning 4 time blocks - they are moving toward our approach while we discuss moving to their approace - Funny!!
      • Suggest we keep block schedule for upcoming meeting (3 days/short) and consider alternate solution for 5 day mtg in the future if virtual
    • WG/IG leads solicit talks - especially for short mtg??
    • Any special topics??
    • - open 24h to let people organise side meetings when needed; any other adjustments?
    • Program Prep Page -
  • JSON & VOTable -- side series of discussions started - MM update
  • ADASS 2022 is Virtual: Oct 31-Nov04; ADASS 2023 will be in Tucson - time to provide any TCG preferences/requirements to the Exec
  • Next TCG meeting: **Early Sept* 2022 @xx:00 UTC*

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