Data Access Layer Sessions -- Madrid 2014

Session 3: TAP-1.x

The purpose of this session is to discuss issues with the current Table Access Protocol (TAP) and related standards and make plans for a compatible 1.x version and/or TAP-2.0

Background: TAP Implementation page

Current Standards: TAP-1.0 TAPRegExt-1.0

Topic Speaker Time Slides
TAP at INAF-OATs IA2 Pietro Apollo 10 pdf
Gaia Archive Requirements: TAP+ Jesus Salgado 20 pdf
Some thoughts on TAP and other ramblings Ian Evans (Arnold) 10 pdf
TAP Implementation Notes Markus Demleitner 20+ pdf
Discussion   20 min  

Session 4: Data Cubes - SIA-2.0 Review

ImageDM discussion will take place in session 15 (Thursday).

Topic Speaker Time Slides
WD-SIA-2.0 Review PatrickDowler 20 pdf
ObsCoreDM revisions Mireille Louys 20 pdf
ImageDM Mark CresitelloDittmar   pdf
Discussion   40 min  

Outstanding SIA-2.0 issues: UPLOAD, FORMAT

Background: SiaInterface

Working Drafts: WD-SIA-2.0

Session 8: Data Cubes - AccessData-1.0

The purpose of this session is to discuss issues with the working draft AccessData-1.0 standards. We will focus on the current use cases and protocol features to achieve them.

Background: AccessData

Topic Speaker Time Slides
very brief WD-AccessData review PatrickDowler 5 pdf
TAP/SIA/DataLink/AccessData at CADC PatrickDowler 10 pdf
SIA and AccessData prototype at NRAO Doug Tody 20  
Flexible DataLink-based access data services Markus Demleitner 15 notes
DataLink/SIAv2/AccessData at CDS Francois Bonnarel 15 pdf
Implementing a VO archive for datacubes of galaxies Jose Enrique Ruiz 15 pdf

As this session is very full, the AccessData discussion will likely get squeezed. We will need to get interested parties together after hours (Tuesday evening at the hotel?) to continue the discussion. I have set aside time in the DataLink session (below) to continue the AccessData discussions.

Session 12: DataLink-1.0 Review

The purpose of this session is to review the changes to and current state of the DataLink working draft.

Background: DataLink

Working Drafts: WD-DataLink-1.0

Topic Speaker Time Slides
WD-DataLink-1.0 Review PatrickDowler 20 min  
DataLink Discussion   20 min  
AccessData Discussion   50 min  

  • INEtap.pdf: Ian Evans: Some Thoughts on TAP & other Ramblings
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PDFpdf SIAv2ProtoIAA.pdf manage 8236.9 K 2014-05-20 - 18:02 JoseEnriqueRuiz SIAv2 Web Interface Prototype developed at IAA - CSIC
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PDFpdf siav2-accessData.pdf manage 3095.2 K 2014-05-20 - 16:14 DougTody VAO/NRAO SIAV2 and AccessData
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