IVOA Executive Reports & Minutes

The IVOA have ~tri-monthly telecons and also meet during the course of major international meetings. The contact persons for the projects that participate in IVOA are listed here.

Note dates apply to the GMT time of the meeting

Date Meeting Type Notes Author Agreed? Comments
= 2023 =
2023-11-09 Hybrid   Marcy Harbut Agreed: TM116
2023-09-18 Telecon ivoa-tm115-20230918.pdf Marcy Harbut Agreed:2023-11-09 TM115
2023-07-27 Telecon ivoa-tm114-20230727.pdf Marcy Harbut Agreed: 2023-09-18 TM114
2023-05-10 Hybrid ivoa-tm113-20230510.pdf Marcy Harbut Agreed: 2023-07-27 TM113
2023-05-07 Hybrid ivoa-tm112-20230507.pdf Marcy Harbut Agreed: 2023-07-27 TM112
2023-03-21 Telecon ivoa-tm111-20230321.pdf Marcy Harbut Agreed: 2023-05-07 TM111
2023-01-31 Telecon ivoa-tm110-20230131.pdf Marcy Harbut Agreed: 2023-03-21 TM110
= 2022 =
2022-12-13 Telecon ivoa-tm109-20221213.pdf Marcy Harbut Agreed:2023-01-31 TM109
2022-10-11 Telecon ivoa-tm108-20221011.pdf Marcy Harbut Agreed: 2022-12-13 TM108
2022-8-30 Telecon ivoa-tm107-20220830.pdf Marcy Harbut Agreed: 2022-10-11 TM107
2022-6-15 Telecon ivoa-tm106-20220615.pdf Francesca Civano/Marcy Harbut Agreed: 2022-8-30 TM106

2022-4-16 Telecon ivoa-tm105-20220419.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2022-6-15 TM105
2022-3-2 Telecon ivoa-tm104-20220302.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2022-4-16 TM104
2022-1-25 Telecon ivoa-tm103-20220125.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed:2022-3-2 TM103
= 2021 =
2021-12-15 Telecon ivoa-tm102-20211215.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed:2022-01-25 TM102
2021-10-19 Telecon ivoa-tm101-20211019.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed:2021-12-15 TM101
2021-9-14 Telecon ivoa-tm100-20210914.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2021-10-19 TM100
2021-7-20 Telecon ivoa-tm99-20210720.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed:2021-9-14 TM99
2021-5-19 Telecon ivoa-tm98-20210519.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2021-7-20 TM98
2021-5-4 Telecon ivoa-tm97-20210504-A.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed:2021-5-19 TM97
2021-3-2 Telecon ivoa-tm96-2020302.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2021-5-4 TM96
= 2020 =
2020-12-15 Telecon ivoa-tm95-20201215-cc.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2021-3-2 TM95
2020-10-27 Telecon ivoa-tm94-20201027.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed:2020-12-15 TM94
2020-9-15 Telecon ivoa-tm93-20200915.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2020/10/27 TM93
2020-6-23 Telecon ivoa_tm92.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2020/9/15 TM92
2020-4-21 Telecon ivoa_tm91_FC_Cui.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2020/6/23 TM91
2020-3-24 Telecon ivoa_tm90_20200324.pdf Francesca Civano



2020-2-18 Telecon ivoa_tm89_021820_FC_CC.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2020/3/24 TM89
= 2019 =
2019-11-26 Telecon ivoa_tm88_112619.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2020/2/18 TM88
2019-10-10 Full ivoa_fm87_101019.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2019/11/26 FM87
2019-09-03 Telecon ivoa_tm86_090319.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2019/10/10 TM86
2019-07-09 Telecon ivoa_tm85_070919.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2019/09/03 TM85
2019-05-15 Full ivoa-fm84S-20190515_final.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2019/07/09 FM84 Supplementary
2019-05-12 Full ivoa-fm84-20190512_final.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2019/07/09 FM84
2019-04-09 Telecon ivoa-tm83-20190409.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2019/05/13 TM83
2019-03-05 Telecon ivoa-tm82-20190305.pdf Francesca Civano Agreed: 2019-04-09 TM82
= 2018 =
2018-12-11 Telecon ivoa-tm81-20181212.pdf Janet Evans



2018-11-08 Telecon ivoa-fm80-20181108.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2018-12-11 FM80
2018-09-25 Telecon ivoa-tm79-20180925.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2018-11-08 TM79
2018-07-03 Telecon ivoa-tm78-20180703.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2018-09-25 TM78
2018-05-30 Full ivoa-fm77S-20180530.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2018-07-03 FM77 Supplementary
2018-05-27 Full ivoa-fm77-20180527.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2018-07-03 FM77
2018-05-08 Telecon ivoa-tm76-20180508.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2018-05-27 TM76
2018-03-06 Telecon ivoa-tm75-20180306.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2018-05-08 TM75
= 2017 =
2017-12-19 Telecon ivoa-tm74-20171219.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2018-03-06 TM74
2017-10-26 Full ivoa-fm73-20171026.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2017-12-19 FM73
2017-09-26 Telecon ivoa-tm72-20170926.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2017-10-26 TM72
2017-07-25 Telecon ivoa-tm71-20170725.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2017-09-26 TM71
2017-06-22 Telecon ivoa-tm70-20170622.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2017-07-25 Special Topic - Media Group
2017-05-17 Full ivoa-fm69S-20170517.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2017-07-25 FM69 Supplementary
2017-05-14 Full ivoa-fm69-20170514.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2017-07-25 FM69
2017-03-07 Telecon ivoa-tm68-20170307.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2017-05-14 TM68
= 2016 =
2016-12-20 Telecon ivoa-tm67-20161220.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2017-03-07 TM67
2016-10-20 Full ivoa-fm66-20161020.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2016-12-20 FM66
2016-09-22 Telecon ivoa-tm65-20160922.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2016-10-20 TM65
2016-07-26 Telecon ivoa-tm64-20160726.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2016-09-22 TM64
2016-05-11 Full ivoa-fm63S-20160511.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2016-07-26 FM63 Supplementary
2016-05-08 Full ivoa-fm63-20160508.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2016-07-26 FM63
2016-02-24 Telecon ivoa-tm62-20160224.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2016-05-08 TM62
= 2015 =
2015-12-21 Telecon ivoa-tm61-20151221.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2016-02-24 TM61
2015-10-29 Full ivoa-fm60-20151029.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2015-12-21 FM60
2015-09-08 Telecon ivoa-tm59-20150908.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2015-10-29 TM59
2015-06-17 Full ivoa-fm58S-20150617.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2015-09-08 FM58 Supplementary
2015-06-14 Full ivoa-fm58-20150614.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2015-09-08 FM58
2015-03-03 Telecon ivoa-tm57-20150303.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2015-06-14 TM57
= 2014 =
2014-12-16 Telecon ivoa-tm56-20141216.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2015-03-03 TM56
2014-10-09 Full ivoa-fm55-20141009.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2014-12-16 FM55
2014-09-11 Telecon ivoa-tm54-20140911.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2014-10-09 TM54
2014-05-18 Full ivoa-fm53S-20140521.pdf Janet Evans Agreed:2014-09-11 FM53 Supplementary
2014-05-18 Full ivoa-fm53-20140518.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2014-09-11 FM53
2014-02-12 Telecon ivoa-tm52-20140212.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2014-05-18 TM52
= 2013 =
2013-11-21 Telecon ivoa-tm51-20131121.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2014-02-12 Special Topic
2013-09-25 Full ivoa-fm50-20130927.pdf Janet Evans Agreed: 2014-02-12 FM50
2013-05-12 Full ivoa-fm49s-20130515.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2013-09-25 FM49 Supplementary
2013-05-12 Full ivoa-fm49-20130512.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2013-09-25 FM49
2013-02-27 Telecon ivoa-tm48-20130227.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2013-05-12 TM48
= 2012 =
2012-12-13 Telecon ivoa-tm47-20121213.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2013-02-27 TM47
2012-10-24 Full ivoa-fm46s-20121024.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2012-12-13 FM46 Supplementary
2012-10-21 Full ivoa-fm46-20121021.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2012-12-13 FM46
2012-07-12 Telecon ivoa-tm45-20120712.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2012-10-21 TM45
2012-05-23 Full ivoa-fm44s-20120523.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2012-07-12 FM44 Supplementary
2012-05-20 Full ivoa-fm44-20120520.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2012-07-12 FM44
2012-02-07 Telecon ivoa-tm43-20120207.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2012-05-20 TM43
= 2011 =
2011-10-19 Full ivoa-fm42s-20111019.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2012-02-07 FM42 Supplementary
2011-10-16 Full ivoa-fm42-20111016.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2012-02-07 FM42
2011-08-30 Telecon ivoa-tm41-20110830.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2011-10-16 TM41
2011-05-18 Full ivoa-fm40s-20110518.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2011-08-30 FM40 Supplementary
2011-05-15 Full ivoa-fm40-20110515.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2011-08-30 FM40
2011-03-15 Telecon ivoa-tm39-20110315.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2011-05-15 TM39
= 2010 =
2010-12-09 Full ivoa-fm38s-20101209.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2011-03-15 FM38 Supplementary
2010-12-06 Full ivoa-fm38-20101206.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2010-03-15 FM38
2010-09-20 Telecon ivoa-tm37-20100920.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2010-12-06 TM37
2010-05-16 Full ivoa-fm36s-20100519.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2010-09-20 FM36 Supplementary
2010-05-16 Full ivoa-fm36-20100516.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2010-09-20 FM36
2010-03-02 Telecon ivoa-tm35-20100302.pdf MarkAllen Agreed: 2010-05-16 TM35
= 2009 =
2009-11-11 Full ivoa-fm34S-20091111.pdf FabioPasian Agreed: 2010-03-02 FM34 Supplementary
2009-11-08 Full ivoa-fm34-20091108.pdf FabioPasian Agreed: 2010-03-02 FM34
2009-09-23 Telecon ivoa-tm33-20090923.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2009-11-09 TM33
2009-05-27 Full ivoa-fm32S-20090527.pdf FabioPasian Agreed: 2009-09-23 FM32 Supplementary
2009-05-24 Full ivoa-fm32-20090524.pdf FabioPasian Agreed: 2009-09-23 FM32
2009-02-19 Telecon ivoa-tm31-20090219.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2009-05-24 TM31
= 2008 =
2008-10-29 Full ivoa-fm30S-20081029.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2009-02-18 FM30 Supplementary
2008-10-26 Full ivoa-fm30-20081026.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2009-02-18 FM30
2008-08-07 Telecon ivoa-tm29-20080807.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2008-10-26 TM29
2008-05   IVOA Assessment DaveDeYoung 2008-05  
2008-05-21 Full ivoa-fm28S-20080521.pdf BobHanisch Agreed: 2008-08-07 FM28 Supplementary
2008-05-18 Full ivoa-fm28-20080518.pdf BobHanisch Agreed: 2008-08-07 FM28
2008-04-24 Telecon ivoa-tm27-20080424.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2008-05-18 TM27
2008-01-17 Telecon ivoa-tm26-20080117.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2008-04-24 TM26
= 2007 =
2007-09-27 Full ivoa-fm25-20070927.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2008-01-17 FM25
2007-07-12 Telecon ivoa-tm24-20070712.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2007-09-27 TM24
2007-05-17 Full ivoa-fm23-supp-20070517.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2007-07-12 FM23 Supplementary
2007-05-13 Full ivoa-fm23-20070513.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2007-07-12 FM23
2007-03-08 Telecon ivoa-tm22-20070308.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2007-05-13 TM22
= 2006 =
2006-12-05 Telecon ivoa-tm21-20061205.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2007-03-08 TM21
2006-08-17 Full ivoa-fm20-20060817.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2006-12-05 FM20
2006-05-17 Full ivoa-fm19-20060517.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2006-08-17 FM19
2006-01-18 Telecon ivoa-tm18-20060118.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2006-05-17 TM18
= 2005 =
2005-10-05 Full ivoa-fm17-20051005.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2006-01-18 FM17
2005-07-19/20 Telecon ivoa-tm16-20050719.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2005-10-05 TM16
2005-05-18 Full ivoa-fm15-20050518.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2005-07-19 FM15
2005-04-13 Telecon n.a. NicholasWalton n.a. TM14 Telecon cancelled.
2005-01-09 Full ivoa-fm13-20050109.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2005-05-18 FM13
= 2004 =
2004-11-22 Telecon ivoa-tm12-20041122.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2005-01-09 TM12
2004-06-23 Full ivoa-fm11-20040623.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2004-11-22 FM11
2004-04-08 Telecon ivoa-tm10-20040408.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2004-06-23 TM10
2004-01-29 Full ivoa-fm9-20040129.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2004-04-08 FM9
= 2003 =
2003-09-29 Telecon ivoa-tm8-20030929.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2004-01-29 TM8
2003-07-23 Full ivoa-fm7-20030723.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2003-09-29 FM7: ivoa-fm7-schade.doc Astro-RG-charter.pdf IVOA-participation-Jul03.pdf Group Pic1 Group Pic2
2003-06-02 Telecon ivoa-tm6-20030602.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2003-07-23 TM6
2003-03-26 Telecon ivoa-tm5-20030326.pdf BobHanisch Agreed 2003-06-02 TM5
2003-01-09/10 Full ivoa-fm4-20030109.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2003-03-26 FM4
= 2002 =
2002-11-13 Telecon ivoa-tm3-20021113.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2003-01-09 TM3
2002-09-19 Telecon ivoa-tm2-20020919.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed: 2002-11-13 TM2
2002-06-13 Full ivoa-fm1-20020613.pdf NicholasWalton Agreed FM1 - IVOA Kick-off meeting
2002-05-02 Telecon avo-nvo-ag-telecon-20020502.txt NicholasWalton Agreed AG/AVO/NVO telecon #2
2002-03-06 Telecon avo-nvo-ag-telecon-20020306.txt NicholasWalton Agreed AG/AVO/NVO telecon #1

Policy on Inactive IVOA Members

It is clear that from time to time some members of the IVOA may, for various reasons, reduce their activity in VO projects and in their participation in the IVOA. Such decreases in activity may be temporary, and in such cases it is desirable to retain an association between such inactive members and the IVOA without the member having to reapply for IVOA membership once the member wishes to become active again. On the other hand, it is also cumbersome for the IVOA to retain membership status for members who have clearly lost their interest or ability to associate with the IVOA. Thus the following policy on Inactive Members is adopted.

Any member who ceases all participation in IVOA activities, including attendance at Interop meetings, Working Group and Interest Group participation, or participation in any other special meetings or activities of the IVOA for a period of 12 months or more shall be considered an inactive member.

If such inactivity is not accompanied by any communication between the member and the IVOA Chair, the Chair or designee of the Chair will attempt to contact the member in order to determine the member’s intentions. Such attempts will be repeated at reasonable intervals for a period of one year, and if no contact is made after that time the member will be dropped from the membership list of the IVOA. These time limits may be modified in exceptional cases at the discretion of the IVOA Exec.

However, if contact is made with the inactive member, and that member expresses an intention to resume active membership within a reasonable period as determined by the Chair, then that member shall remain in inactive status within the IVOA. Similarly, if any member contacts the Chair in advance and advises of their need to move to inactive status with an intention to resume active membership in the near future, then that member will move to inactive status in the IVOA. A review of inactive members and their progress toward resumption of active status will be carried out at least annually by the IVOA Exec.

(Posted 6 August 2008 by BobHanisch for DaveDeYoung)

Policy on IVOA Working Group/Interest Group Chairs and Vice Chairs

Background/Terms of Reference

There is a large dispersion in the scope of tasks undertaken by the IVOA Working Groups and Interest Groups. In some cases the scope is very broad, and/or the duration of the undertaking is very long. In other cases the work is more narrowly focused and may not require a great deal of effort or involve a long development time. Hence in some cases the workload of a WG/IG can be so large that it is advisable to share the responsibilities between a Chair and a Vice-Chair. Moreover, in some cases the development of a working group product may be sufficiently extended in time that a Chair or Vice-Chair might be appointed for more than one term in order to assure continuity for the project. In many other cases neither of these conditions will be the case. In general it is felt that a clear definition of leadership of the WG/IG is desirable, hence the ambiguity introduced by the use of Co-Chairs is generally to be avoided unless special condition arise. In addition, in general the Chair and Vice-Chair of a WG/IG should not be chosen from the same project to avoid both being simultaneously overburdened by project demands, with exceptions to this allowed as needed.

Hence the policy on WG/IG Chairs and Vice-Chairs should retain sufficient flexibility so that the maximum efficiency of the WG/IG is retained. However, to avoid confusion or incorrect expectations on the part of all the WG/IG participants, the policy on these positions needs to be clearly defined.


Chairs: Nominal term for all WG/IG Chairs and Vice-Chairs - 3 years Chairs are selected by IVOA Exec in consultation with others; nominations are invited across the IVOA. Reappointment – fully open after one term. Reappointment of the same person shall be for 1 year terms only.

Vice-Chairs: Nominal Term – 1 to 3 years Selection by IVOA Exec on an “as needed” basis Reappointment – fully open after one term. Reappointment of the same person shall be for 1 year terms only.

Co-Chairs: Normally not appointed. Special circumstances to be considered by the IVOA Exec.

Appeals: Adjudicated by the IVOA Exec.

(Posted 10 Sept 2007 by BobHanisch for DaveDeYoung)


A record of dates of service for members of the IVOA Executive, Working Groups, and Interest Groups is available on the IVOAHistoryPage.

Information on the transition of hosting/responsibility of the IVOA web resources. IVOAWebResources

IAU Working Group: Virtual Astronomy and Data Centres

Draft Wiki Pages

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PDFpdf ACTIONS_for_TM112.pdf r2 r1 manage 168.5 K 2023-05-05 - 22:23 MarcyHarbut Fixed numbering in heading (111-112)
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PDFpdf ivoa-tm104-20220302.pdf r1 manage 72.1 K 2022-04-12 - 19:24 FrancescaCivano TM104 minutes
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PDFpdf ivoa-tm106-20220615.pdf r1 manage 168.3 K 2022-08-22 - 22:19 MarcyHarbut  
PDFpdf ivoa-tm108-20221011.pdf r1 manage 174.5 K 2022-12-09 - 22:21 MarcyHarbut TM108 meeting minutes
PDFpdf ivoa-tm109-20221213.pdf r3 r2 r1 manage 180.1 K 2023-02-01 - 17:53 MarcyHarbut TM109 meeting minutes (PDF)
PDFpdf ivoa-tm110-20230131.pdf r1 manage 196.4 K 2023-03-22 - 18:32 MarcyHarbut TM110 meeting minutes (PDF)
PDFpdf ivoa-tm111-20230321.pdf r2 r1 manage 223.9 K 2023-05-25 - 16:25 MarcyHarbut TM111 meeting minutes (PDF)
PDFpdf ivoa-tm112-20230507.pdf r1 manage 316.7 K 2023-07-05 - 18:44 MarcyHarbut TM112 meeting minutes DRAFT (PDF)
PDFpdf ivoa-tm113-20230510.pdf r1 manage 165.7 K 2023-07-05 - 18:47 MarcyHarbut TM113 meeting minutes DRAFT (PDF)
PDFpdf ivoa-tm114-20230727.pdf r1 manage 236.5 K 2023-09-27 - 20:21 MarcyHarbut approved TM114 minutes
PDFpdf ivoa-tm114-20230727_first.pdf r1 manage 236.5 K 2023-08-28 - 21:45 MarcyHarbut draft of TM114 minutes
PDFpdf ivoa-tm115-20230918.pdf r1 manage 277.5 K 2023-09-27 - 21:39 MarcyHarbut draft of TM115 minutes
PDFpdf ivoa-tm94-20201027.pdf r1 manage 108.1 K 2020-11-19 - 16:59 FrancescaCivano TM94 minutes
PDFpdf ivoa-tm95-20201215-cc.pdf r1 manage 104.9 K 2021-02-22 - 21:29 FrancescaCivano TM95 minutes
PDFpdf ivoa-tm96-2020302.pdf r1 manage 103.0 K 2021-04-20 - 20:04 FrancescaCivano  
PDFpdf ivoa-tm97-20210504-A.pdf r2 r1 manage 97.4 K 2021-05-12 - 15:52 FrancescaCivano  
PDFpdf ivoa-tm98-20210519.pdf r1 manage 106.6 K 2021-07-15 - 14:53 FrancescaCivano  
PDFpdf ivoa-tm99-20210720.pdf r1 manage 98.8 K 2021-09-08 - 12:45 FrancescaCivano  
PDFpdf ivoa_fm87_101019.pdf r1 manage 79.0 K 2020-01-14 - 01:18 FrancescaCivano  
PDFpdf ivoa_tm88_112619.pdf r1 manage 96.0 K 2020-01-14 - 01:19 FrancescaCivano  
PDFpdf ivoa_tm89_021820_FC_CC.pdf r1 manage 67.3 K 2020-03-17 - 15:50 FrancescaCivano  
PDFpdf ivoa_tm90_20200324.pdf r1 manage 107.9 K 2020-06-17 - 00:26 FrancescaCivano TM90 minutes
PDFpdf ivoa_tm92.pdf r1 manage 113.6 K 2020-07-21 - 17:39 FrancescaCivano  
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